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sat 16 mar 02

times of india: a report says that secretary o'neill is opposed to steel tariffs.

times of india: china accuses u.s. of 'nuclear blackmail.'

back in da house. thanks, folks. i got some really good, informative responses to my query about os x. the overall consensus: as nike says, 'just do it.' now i just have to verify my accelerator card's compatibility with the new system.

anyone running os x on a 350 mhz g3? i'd appreciate hearing what your performance is. tolerable? or a real kludge?

i'm happy to see the globe and mail probing the religious aspects of the yates tragedy. readers here will remember i commented on this situation a couple of weeks ago. i abhor the interpretation that god's will is to require from women a perpetual state of guilt, subservience, and yearly pregnancy. over-general, but you catch my drift.

cnn: probe spies mysterious x-ray storm on jupiter.

a relaxing saturday. i probably won't be doing much linking today.