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mon 18 mar 02

received in email today: numbers.

reuters: heavy computer use may strain childrens' eyes. what about adults? then again, i already know the answer ...

reuters: giotto, restored.

reuters: closing arguments in the san fran dog mauling case. the defense is no defense here. there is no way you can own one of these dogs and not know temperament, that's clear from every breed website. likewise, ad feminem attacks against whipple are simply irrelevant.

ananova: common cold virus can be altered to kill colorectal cancer cells.

ananova: new research casts doubt on adult stem cell efficacy.

reuters: bush to promote tax breaks for small companies. i'll wait and see specifics before getting excited.

reuters: u.s. to reject e.u. steel compensation bid.

i agree with kottke's picture and caption. i know the feeling. a certain duct-taped, turbocharged 50's studebaker pickup comes to mind ...

wired: filters block 'sinful six.' or, filtering for the enterprise ...

macnn: lexmark ships new 4800 dpi inkjet. what about ink longevity? get a clue, lexmark. that should be in the specs.

vocabula review: the last words.

just got an email from "mary juana" offering me less than 6% for a refinance. seems high. sorry.

ny observer: mirroring evil? no, mirroring art theory.

times of india: iraq begins a diplomatic drive to counter u.s. threat.

times of india: nukes useless in war against terror. the new york times on the same subject.

ny times arts: they'll always have paris (and a scholarly web site). casablanca.

ny times: bush travelling campaign trail and warpath.

reuters: want it rare? sign a waiver.

reuters: odors found to be triggers in gulf war vets.

reuters: ah, since the gag order is gone, now the truth will out in the yates case.

cnn: american airlines says airbuses pass inspection. they tested two out of thirty-four, only with ultrasound.

cnn: europe, not content with 'vassal status', decides to launch it's own version of gps.

cnn: criticism of 'a beautiful mind' draws ire. ridiculous. one can't tell a story and be 100% true to reality in an hour and a half. have other oscar winners met this supposed 'standard'? of course not. the new york times also comments.

i warned you.

idiotic thoughts for the morning: if i wanted to buy a car, i could by a hyundai santa fe at santa fe hyundai. and, why hasn't anyone started a bicycle company called 'cpu cycles' yet?

sunny and ... *warm* again. nice.