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thu 21 mar 02

reuters: loss can trigger split-second irrational response. sound of faucet ...

cnn: skull wars. out of africa, or out of asia?

presa canario pictures.

you knew i was waiting to post this, from the new york times: guilty verdicts in the san fran dog mauling trial.

yahoo: the 'sans halen' tour? sammie and diamond dave get it together? get steve vai and billy sheehan, and i might go ... via mefi.

cnet: yahoo to start charging for some email services.

the reg: shock! the microsoft trial judge switches to wordperfect. as if wordperfect hasn't been a staple in the legal profession for over a decade ...

guardian.uk: poetry society evicted from its website. a big hoo-hah with one point ... be sure to track your domain names, and know when they're up for renewal.

lycos: greenhouse gas trading.

freshmeat: qgo 0.0.7. only if you play go.

macnn: cnn stops using quicktime video. well, i never used it much anyway. realplayer has consistently bombed on installation, so i'll just flip on the tv instead ...

slashdot: the practice of system and network administration.

linux journal: roxen webserver 2.2.

apropos. zdnet: stop paying for email spam.

radio updates to 8.07.

punch-drunk, y'know?

fax spam seems on an upswing. i'm having to unplug my fax at night now. between that, and an increase in telephone marketeers, i feel like i'm being pelted with rocks.

sci am: social psychology of modern slavery.

csm: movie musicals are back. check the info about how moulin rouge was marketed to teens. the old bait and switch ...

washington post: air & space venue renamed for corporate benefactor. so much for old sam ...

globe and mail: what is the real impact of cultural institutions?

ny times letters to the editor: "saying no to satan."

ny times: another commentary on the "mind" dustup. this one brings up more interesting points than the previous ...

ny times: study to rank utility polluters aimed at swaying emissions debate.

ny times: new list of safe aids drugs, in spite of industry lobby.

ny times: 'racial gap' amongst speeders in new jersey?

ny times: a rush to fix ground zero's damaged dike.

ny times news analysis: globalization proves disappointing.

santa fe new mexican: brackish water may be a solution for santa fe.

reuters: a new internet filter idea floated.

feeling warped.