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fri 22 mar 02

ananova: ice man battled for his life, say scientists. poor oetzi. each new theory gets more creative embellishment. what if his thumb was cut while climbing the mountain? what if he was living with the arrow embedded in his shoulder? it's not unheard-of, and one would think if it was fresh, they'd have found the slice in skin (if it was intact; i'm theorizing myself without facts ...).

ananova: a 'green' snowmobile. sounds great ... or maybe not so great. it's a two-stroke. know how noisy a two-stroke is?

ananova: the expansion of the universe is accelerating.

ananova: body of bronze-age child found in britain.

reuters: high relationship expectations can lead to depression.

also had to send megnut a note about conference planning. you folks should know by now, that's my genesis. slice me; i'm an a/v tech to the bone. i bleed in red, green and blue. and i know where the 40' retractable screen is hidden in the united nations ... nyah, nyah ...

had some trees planted out front; piñons. looks good; hopefully it'll kill some traffic noise, too.

linuxlookup: ecs k75sa motherboard.

roll call: trent lott is ... well, mad. somehow, i don't believe the pickering issue is the best springboard one could pick ... the passing of campaign finance looks more like clearing longstanding logjams.

politicalwire: ken starr to return, fighting campaign finance reform.

enn: bush oil drilling plan facing senate defeat, says survey.

wired: there's no place like yurt. i've thought about this kind of living for a long time. one can buy large expanses of land here in the west, drop a yurt, and have at it. a yurt usually classifies as a 'temporary' dwelling, bypassing many zoning laws. pay $200k for a house on an acre, or $200k for 60 acres and a yurt ... but there are tradeoffs, of course. when wireless access becomes more ubiquitous ...

teenanalyst. turn your kid into a capitalist.

dog bite law. the picture of the guy posing with the rabbit's a bit much, but tons of good info.

freshmeat: phpmyadmin 2.2.5, setirotate 0.6.

newsforge: linux certification training for everyone from newbies to nerds. you can take courses online, too.

guardian.uk: how does bond keep it up? do we now live in a world of bond-esque villians, individuals wealthy enough to pursue their own agendas?

okay, i've rewritten that six times. i can't seem to get across what i mean to get across. that's enough.

nandotimes: sex and violence down on tv, study says. "the only exception to the decline was on basic cable networks, which showed an increase in violence and the same amount of sexual content." ah, so they're only talking network television. since reinstating basic cable after a year and a half of going without, the increase in skin and violence has taken my breath away at times. it's gone up exponentially; things i never thought to see on television, i'm suddenly seeing. it's not the depiction that upsets me so much as the total lack of any attempt to portray real consequences of sex or violent acts.

nandotimes: oldest known photograph sells for $443k. reminds me that i need to play around with the digital, switching to b&w and obscuring the lens with nylon hose or something to get that old-fashioned soft effect ...

can't get into the times of india.

ny times art review: capturing a woman's power to fascinate. goya.

ny times: senate votes to require increase in use of wind and solar power. here where i live, we could easily put a marching line of wind generators at the west side of the development ... and generate enough power to be free of the grid for most of the winter and spring. and, being the southwest, solar is a given. on an individual house, zoning and convenants would prevent use ... but as a group?

ny times: soft money record: democrats take in $12 million, in two checks. after labelling soft money 'bad', what a piece of publicity ... no matter how you try to spin it.

ny times: doctors face a 10-40% increase in their malpractice insurance, in new york. "the increases are being driven by larger jury awards and settlements for medical mistakes, as well as by the insurance companies' poor earnings on investments during the weak economy." okay, i understand passing on the costs of the first, but the second? this is what boggles me about the insurance industry. i'm paying for coverage, not their investments. this smacks of "taxation without representation" to me. if i have to pay for your investments, then i require input into your investment choices.

ny times: a stamp'll cost you 37 cents this summer. remember when we used to laugh at a $5.00 ice cream? i wonder if there's an upper price limit to the need for physical paper ... at .50 will we go all-electronic?

ny times: the 'iron lady', slowed by strokes.

ny times: bush acts to drop privacy rule on medical data. whenever the bush administration wraps something in oh-so-logical-and-reasonable cloth, i look for loopholes.

santa fe new mexican: is the guy who plays your local 'santa claus' a sex offender? ever checked?

santa fe new mexican: lawsuit forces gravel-mine relocation. it would have been adjacent to the rio grande gorge bridge.

reuters: drivers using a cell phone are more dangerous than drivers over the legal limit for alcohol. is anyone surprised?

reuters: mona lisa goes online.

cnn: scientists test first 'human cyborg.' or rather, test first human implants.

daily standard: moulin rouge sucks. nice to see i'm not alone. i found the entire experience torture. thanks, broomeman.

i check through dealmac every morning, on the vain hope there'll be a g4 for a couple hundred bucks (right), and then view their synopses of other deals. today, they list a kitchenaid mixer, for 150 bucks. i've always wanted one of these, just because a kitchen without one of these mixers feels odd; like being a tech and not owning a leatherman tool ... anyway, it's almost 100 dollars off. great price.

slow start today. outage at 6 am; invalid page fault. oof.