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mon 25 mar 02

perl.com: mod_perl in 30 minutes.

'course, if i scripted something, then i would validate xhtml/css ...

webtrendslive has dropped 'referring urls' from it's personal edition stats service. anybody have recommendations for new, free (or low-cost) stats service? i know of quite a few, but a personal recommend is always nice. i like to peruse all referers daily; something nobody other than webtrends would let me do. maybe i need to script something, instead ...

ananova: mental stress and heart disease, a deadly combo.

don't remember the children's rhyme? that's ok. didn't miss much.

ananova: 'bush meat' infections link to hiv ancestor. i guess "great green gobs of greasy, grimey gopher guts, mutilated monkey meat, little birdies' dirty feet ..." are never a good idea ...

iht: swooning over a figure of speech.

reuters: a bit gross, but 'maggots infested the noses of two comatose patients.' now, my understanding, based on frostbite injuries, is that maggots only consume dead flesh; they ought to have been harmless in this case. purely sensational, to my mind ...

cnn: feds dismiss complaints over victoria's secret broadcast.

oof. i've got such a headache. allergies? it's making me squint and frown ... maybe it's time to step away from the html editor and rest my head ...

washington post: watch them feed on their own ... the "republican in name only" awards.

ananova: fugitive arrested after dog bite treatment. pffft.

messiahcam ... watching via webcam the two most likely places for the return.

onlamp: system panics, part 1: preparing for the worst.

sourceforge: linux ntfs file system support. could it be true?

if the sun comes out just a bit more, all 5" of snow will be gone.

karl continues his observations of the new moveable type software.

this friday, the pilgrimage to chimayo. some background. some of the faithful walk from albuquerque and beyond, barefoot, dragging crosses. i'm not catholic, but i've always wanted to do it. it's such an old ritual, rare for america. this year? maybe. each year, i think of all the things i have to be thankful for, all those i've lost ... there's an attractive symbolism to mixing physical effort and ritual.

one thing must be said. if you enjoyed the performance of cirque du soleil during the academy awards, you simply must run, not walk, to the bellagio in las vegas to see "o." to me, the short piece on television came across as gimmicky (bouncing up the building facade); you've got to see the sheer artistry, physicality, mythology and beautiful asymmetric qualities to their performances. so many things are going on at the same time, you could watch the show every night for a week or more, and not catch everything. in all my years of production, i've never seen anything to compare.

guardian.uk: salman rushdie, 'how to fight and lose the moral high ground.'

times of india: saudi initiative can be basis for peace talks, says israel.

times of india: thailand produces 0.45 cent anti-hiv cocktail-in-a-pill.

ny times op-ed: the politics of judgeships. glad to see they agree with some of my past opinions. judge the jurisprudence; dump the political allegiances. judges are supposed to be impartial, no? unfortunately, that's utopian thinking ...

ny times: "who are you wearing?" halle berry, "... crossed the vague line between sexy and vulgar ..." wait a second. now, i want you to recast that, after thinking about that abortion gwyneth paltrow was wearing, my friend. or, i was making jokes about cameron diaz looking like she just stepped out of a shower, did nothing to her hair, but wrapped herself in the shower curtain. there was some bizarre couture on the floor last night ...

ny times: kentucky foals seem well, a year after plague.

ny times: dog attack trial is over, debate continues. silly. every presa canario breeding site i've hit warns specifically and voluminously about the dog's temperament. muzzles would have been appropriate in public, and would have saved a life.

ny times: gas prices jump 14 cents. ouchamagoucha.

ny times: defibrillators can extend life, but also extend misery.

santa fe new mexican: we're looking at significantly less precipitation ... for the next 20 years?!! i guess the high desert may become more 'deserted' ... no biggie.

i can see blue sky, but it's still lightly snowing ... !

reuters: library porn law battle heads to court.

reuters: losers smile through pain as oscar hopes are dashed.

cnn: woman spared nigerian shari'a stoning death sentence. yes, but how many others will go untrumpeted?

last night, post-oscar, i was disturbed to find more than one major news service hailing halle berry ... but displaying photographs of white female stars.

cnn: turning the 'easter bunny' into a 'santa'. predictable. a gift-giving holiday for every quarter? just wait ... marketers get you through your kids.

cnn: the kokopelli fire is mostly contained.

barebones mailsmith 1.5. still no imap.

y'know, for the first time, i dread the morning blog. i wonder what that means?

snow! 70+ degrees on saturday ... and now snow. i'm not complaining; we need the water. even better, it's accumulated everywhere except the walkways (which are too warm to maintain any snow) ...