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fri 29 mar 02

salon looks at the color issue at the oscars.

webref: pure css2 rollovers. i love this quote: "when creating new css 1 & 2 gizmos, test the heck out of them." understatement of the year, that.

freshmeat: asp2php 0.76.4, dev/con php base 0.1.3.

thompaine.com: an oil company proves bush wrong on climate change.

hirshhorn: art interactive.


cnet: pc prices to climb.

freedom forum: tennessee art gallery's no-nudes policy draws criticism.

the register: this is for e.u. countries, but it's an interesting article: are you ready for e-commerce regulations?

newsforge: kde 3.0 is out on cvs.

washington post: political snooping in virginia.

the atlantic: 1491. long article. more in-depth than others i've linked in the past on the subject of native american 'stewardship' of north america.

l.a. weekly: playtime. virtual life, better than real life?

times of india: jimmy carter to visit cuba?

times of india: cure for flatulence. wasn't "the hulk" blasted with gamma rays? i guess he never suffered the misery of off-gassing ...

speaking of clean air, i've been replacing the morning beverage with a nice brisk walk [in spite of the clouds of juniper pollen]. this morning was gorgeous, warm, sunny. it's just changed to high winds, cloudy, plummeting temperatures. i have such a hard time working in changing weather patterns ... i'd rather just sit and watch ...

ny times op-ed: vindication on clean air.

ny times: a study finds more links between television viewing and violence. "by decreasing exposure to media violence, we may be able to prevent millions of americans from being raped and murdered."

ny times: bush vows to seek conservative judges. i'm a uniter ...

ny times: the congressional g.o.p. and the white house are having relationship problems.

ny times: u.s. promises arafat safety.

santa fe new mexican: dry conditions trigger open-fire ban in forests.

santa fe new mexican: faith and healing, the pilgrimage to chimayo is today.

reuters: hugh grant bemoans the 'end of romance.' oh, puh-leeez ...

the black world today: the oscar door opens ... but only a crack.

yow, folks. sorry. i just can't get coordinated for the daily blog. phone calls, emergencies ... you know the routine. getting there, gradually.

got sidetracked. been digging through the links and reading comments at interestingmonstah.

will good friday *be* a 'good friday'? i'm workin' on it ...