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mon 01 apr 02

utne reader: the slow cities league. not luddite; fighting to maintain character and ambience in the midst of technological, societal and cultural upheaval.

utne reader: survey of ceo compensation. eee-yow. i'd like to see past years' comparisons, however, plotted as trends.

so, i turn off on the prefs on groups.yahoo.com, and what's the first email i receive? "best mortgage rates" from a yahoo.com address. i think the form goes nowhere. but then, i'm an impatient cuss today.

ah, her name was elizabeth angela marguerite bowes-lyon. see ya on the flip side, liz-ang-maggie.

saranwarp has instructions on opting-out of yahoo emails. i hope it helps ...

washington post/msnbc: the army embraces lasik eye surgery. the article makes it sound like cost/short term benefit (duration of enlistment) is driving the popularity. that worries me ... what about the issues with laser surgery and a reduction in night vision? "... doctors don't know how surgery will affect the eye as patients age and night vision naturally decreases." until the f.a.a approves a technique for pilots, i'll pass.

edward abbey's burial spot.

maine today: atv riders clash with landowners.

webmasterbase: flash mx: from fluff to serious application builder?

some have noted that i have not been commenting on the 'crisis in the middle east.' given that my depth of knowledge in the geographic area only extends to the crusades, i'm withholding my opinions until i can bring my personal know-how on the subject into the 20th century (and with my current workload, that won't be soon). any comments i could make would be based solely upon news reports and assumptions; not a good base to work from. so i'll not add to the noise level.

and, is that a new alien in alabama? congrats, bhb!

happy five, dave!

the cumulative effect of allergies on dangerousmeta! have been minimized thanks to bluebonnet 'super quercetin' and herbs etc.'s "allertonic" (stinging nettle/eyebright complex). whereas i was congested, choked, and weeping last year ... i'm out exercising in the outdoors, with nary a twitch. nasal passages are clear. juniper be damned. ymmv.

kim kommando: links for april fools.

freshmeat: jabberwocky 0.008 [lisp], tapestry 2.0.0.

ase labs: top motherboard companies guide.

linux planet: crossover office: killer app for linux?

zdnet australia: instant messaging, a corporate security threat?

o'reilly: ibooks love linux.

computeredge: review, the complete freebsd.

macnn: sonnet lowers prices across the board.

salon: backstabbers.

ny times: royalties proposal casts shadow over webcasters.

ny times: where postmodern art and schizophrenia intersect. sometimes, in the mainstream, folks believe one must be whacked to be a great artist.

washington post: encouraging tourism in cambodia.

times of india: clinton says bin laden wanted to kill him. in hindsight, this shows the difficulties of international diplomacy and military exercise ... would you trade a couple dozen women and children for the hundreds in the wtc, right now? would clinton have been widely condemned for that action? thoughts to ponder ...

times of india: pope to give wizards a patron saint. "the pope told me this would be a way of spreading peace and wonder in the world."

times of india: the netherlands legalizes euthanasia.

times of india: nicotine patches and gum may do more harm than good.

ny times: hey, bush is buff! well, *i'm* impressed ...

ny times: in the california desert, dreams of country clubs. insane. totally irresponsible.

funny. the ny times has an article about 'mt. trashmore' ... when i've got a pile of laundry built up, i call it "mt. wash-more" ...

reuters: belitting, shaming children creates lasting damage. ah, the fine art of redirection.

cnn: shows how often i watch local news reports. a metal detector at the albuquerque sunport malfunctions, snarling flight schedules. what kind of nurk would go through screening with a hunting knife on his belt? even worse, it wasn't spotted until he arrived at the gate. mañaña, baby. gotta love the slower pace of the southwest ...

cnn: chinese spacecraft returns to earth.

i've got a load of work to accomplish, so postings may be light or nonexistent. and that's *not* an april fool joke ...