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fri 05 apr 02

moby lives: three pulitzers that should be revoked.

the american prospect: on the contrary, copywrongs.

atlantic monthly: the science of the palette.

times of india: pentagon calls off military exercise with israel. oh, now that's a surprise ...

times of india: got alzheimer's? try gila monster spit.

ay, here ya go. here's the news ... ya can hear the same old line from the same old newspapers and the same old journalists today. just like every other day. the same old opinions couched in the same old rhetoric.

santa fe new mexican: plugging old mine shafts. an 80' drop ... that'd be pleasant ...

santa fe new mexican: charities hit by nigerian fax and email scams.

cnn: the gila wilderness wildfire is getting out of control. the aliens'll have to perform their cow mutilations elsewhere ...

more morning meetings ... back later, after 11 am mst gmt-7.