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mon 08 apr 02

if anyone else is watching for the apache 2 windows msi installer, drop me a note when it gets posted ... if i don't get to it first. i'll be posting the link here.

new item received in mail today: history of medicine. well, i got a chuckle ...

don't know if i linked this before: phpbeginner.com.

cnet: web surfers brace for pop-up downloads. no, no, no, no ...

kim kommando: rebates.

freshmeat: python imaging library 1.1.3, ampache 3.0.

apache 2.0.35.

serverwatch: apache 2.0.

linuxplanet: kde 3.0 review: bumpy install, smooth run.

newsforge: linux advocates launch d.c. lobby effort.

roll call: g.o.p. may pull energy bill.

gallup: 'retrospective' presidential approval ratings.

u.s. news: republicans blackballing 'crossfire'. poor sports.

onlamp: system panics, part 2: recovering and debugging.

zdnet: government urges slow road to xml.

ny review of books: the blood lust of identity.

tech review: cyberspace and race. the internet, 'color-blind'?

bbc: e.t. flops around the world. no cult following = no box office for re-release.

scotsman.com: hellraisers lose their bottle. we've gone from keith moon chewing his way through a hotel wall to j.lo requesting egg-white omelettes. rock 'n' roll just ain't what it used to be ...

times of india: nevada steps up movement against nuclear waste.

times of india: bin laden narrowly escaped u.s. raid in pakistan. so, he is alive, and in pak ...

times of india: the church of the nativity in bethlehem is getting damaged in the crossfire.

times of india: the closer you are to death, the greater the wish to die? or, i would interpret it as retaining the control, the ability to choose one's avenue from this mortal coil ...

ny times letters to the editor: unwanted in montana. as usual, in spite of the national media, the locals don't like snowmobiles in yellowstone either.

ny times letters to the editor: faith and the judiciary.

ny times books: writers on writing: footprints of greatness on your turf.

ny times travel: when sick is too sick to fly. one comment: i've done a lot of flying, to the point of getting in the 250,000 mile a year club. never fly with congestion, or if you do, carry spray nasal decongestant. i was on a flight from newark to dallas, when a passenger had a heart attack. the stewardesses couldn't find the oxygen, they wouldn't let a licensed nurse touch the individual (they would have only allowed a physician with credentials on his/her person to intervene ... a resource that was unavailable on this flight), and then they wouldn't land with the food carts out and unsecured ... and they'd had no contingency plan on how to get the carts past the body in the aisle. it was bad ... very bad. disorganized, panicked ... and deadly. the individual died.

ny times: new jersey's fiscal plight. florio eased us out of the red; the great unspoken is that whitman put us right back. bush plucked her out just in time to avoid staining a viable female vice presidential candidate.

i'd like to believe 9/11 didn't affect my overall state of anxiety over aircraft, but i see that's my own fantasy ...

yow. sitting here talking on the phone to a client, a huge roar and a black shadow. dropped the phone, and literally thrust myself outside. what looked like an olive-drab c130 hercules just passed less than 1000 feet over my rooftop. trailing black smoke? but then, they're not especially 'clean' vehicles. looked like it was heading for los alamos for a minute there, but then it barely skirted over the foothills and turned towards taos. no shame in saying, that scared the crap out of me ...

ny times: the greeks aren't especially enamored of their olympic cartoon mascots.

santa fe new mexican: isabel allende in española.

reuters: aspirin, colon cancer, and green tea.

reuters: antibody reverses some memory loss in alzheimer's mice.

speaking of which, two more furry terrorists bit the dust on saturday. on the roof, this time. i place their carcasses on a bare patch near the edge of the property line. this time, i was entertained by a pack of coyotes fighting over them at 2 a.m. howling, growling ...

reuters: gunning for gophers draws activist fire. "an attitude of sharing?!!" sorry, rodents don't understand the word 'sharing', believe me. which is better, a bullet or strychnine? not much of a choice, if you ask me. i think i'd opt for the bullet, all things being equal.

reuters: assassination attempts in afghanistan. awful thing to think, but how long do you suppose karzai will manage to survive?

reuters: sharon presses offensive, defying u.s. does bush think israel a lapdog? he set the current tone for such action, himself ...

reuters: oil soars on halt by iraq, venezuela. dust off your bikes, folks. high energy prices could bust our fragile economic recovery, too.

cnn: i wonder if, in the future, we'll look back on this time and realize the ravens left the tower ...

the dinner party went well on saturday night. we had planned to sit outside, but it began to rain ... and the rain didn't stop until midnight last night. hard enough at times to pound the peeling paint from the ubiquitous ancient blue bench out front. just glorious. the golden dry grasses now have a light sage green component to their color ...