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mon 15 apr 02

cnn: arctic drilling (anwr) fails in senate. but unfortunately, not forgotten.

a quick gallery of pics from my trip. the better stuff will have to wait for photocd to be created. i learned a tremendous amount on this trip; this selection of digital images is not even scratching the surface of information gleaned.

and another: "computers are like old testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy." - joseph campbell.

good quote: "if the world were a logical place, men would ride sidesaddle." - rita mae brown.

reuters: earthlink posits that high speed access costs and prices may fall.

reuters: "polyphasic sleeping" ... naps make me groggy and grouchy, but maybe if i adjust duration ...

a couple of random shots ... gallery to come later. spf 15, even at this season (the cold/hot season), just doesn't cut it in northwestern new mexico ... especially after six hours or so. i'm redder than this pic. and the trail had some rather tight squeezes, especially when carrying 40 some pounds of camera gear and water ...

some tight squeezes on the pueblo alto trail.

spf 15, six+ hours in the northwestern new mexico sun.  how red am i? much redder than this jpg ...

pete bardens passed away. nee camel, and solo 'seen one earth' [an all-too-short album]. via jerrykindall.

zdnet.uk: aladdin gives opera a ride.

financial times: why linux is making inroads at financial institutions.

chicago sun-times: robert novak, 'conservatives bash bush.'

newsfactor: the end of computer rebooting.

freshmeat: asaplate 0.1.1 [php], pdfmap 1.60, port scan attack detector 0.9.7.

newscientist.com: forest experiment questions greenhouse gas strategy.

cnet: young bullies becoming techno terrors? expected this ...

vancouver sun: large quantities of hydrogen in the earth's crust?

ny times, yesterday: 'intelligent design creationism and its critics': supernatural selection.

phoenix new times: when online got off-base.

the herald.uk: tradition draws to a close. at what age is it appropriate to begin drawing nudes from live models?

ny times: cultural salvage in the wake of the afghan war.

times of india: u.s. seeks pak permission to stage raid on bin laden.

times of india: how to make an a-bomb.

i see the middle east remains a location for the 'happy, happy, joy-joy' folks. not much has changed in four days.

ny times: comforts in new mexico's rugged landscape.

ny times: lawsuit in texas challenges ban on personal watercraft in national parks. idiots. burn this one at the stake. get out and walk some of that blubber off your fat rear ends ... must i mention the lard between the ears?

santa fe new mexican: a new nature preserve opens for access in santa fe.

reuters: new, undated bin laden videotape is aired. in the times of india, it seems rumsfeld believes it to be a patchwork of clips.

ah, the internet gets blamed for marital breakups. silly me; i thought people initiated breakups.

i have been completely out of the news/media loop for four days ... what wonders will i find?

thank you, ed. treepad turned out to be beyond perfect for the information-gathering that this trip required.

i'm back, completely sunburned, wrung out from physical exercise, blinkered from lack of sleep ... and grinning like an idiot. it'll take me a bit to get back in the swing; handling accumulated tasks at the moment.