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tue 16 apr 02

a belated happy second blogday to adam curry.

ananova: exploding cactus! maybe that explains our mysteriously-caused wildfires here in new mex ...

ananova: 'volkswagen reveals most efficient car ever.' bah. in america, we've been building trikes out of used airplane drop tanks and such for years.

if you are considering backpacking, and dreading the pump water filter, consider the steri-pen.

ars technica flat panel buyer's guide. only because i'm interested. the performance of the imac's new flat panel is so much better than the new powerbook, it's amazing. the powerbook was fuzzy, poor luminance. the imac was consistent side-to-side, and brighter than the 19" radius that was near it. lordy, i might could use it even for gauging color shades ... (horrors) ...

the reg: running ms office on linux.

kerosene cucumbers.

the jefferson muzzles.

sci am: the skeptical environmentalist replies. oftentimes, when you become an advocate for one point of view, everything you observe begins to be seen in that single light. being contrarian seems to be more of a reward here ...

freshmeat: krysalis 1.0.0 [php, xml, xslt, soap].

isp-planet: ibm takes on sun cobalt.

political wire: republicans bracing for bush poll decline.

zdnet: compuserve 7 delivered with netscape as browsing engine.

women's quarterly: the return of the guy.

sydney morning herald.au: 'chick lit.'

some sort of popup daemon has taken over my browser, giving me intermittent 'send mangoes now' popups. computing has gotten so weird ...

faz.net: another century older. "the altarpiece itself even concealed documents explaining the picture's genesis and contradicting former attribution."

times of india: brits want prince charles to marry camilla. maybe just putting an end to the royals' "controversial" era?

ny times health: the issues surrounding obesity are complex.

ny times: decades of sex abuse at the american boychoir school in new jersey. i've gone to their performances, watched the absolute control by adults ... and wondered. something about the gestures and looks ... looks like my suppositions years ago were not just gleaned from the prevailing stereotypes.

the green party in new mexico is pushing all the stops. looks like they'll be taking part in just about every major race this november (governor, lt. governor, etc. etc.). they need to succeed to stay viable. interesting that they do so well in new mexico, a state that's historically been conservative and republican, only recently softening to democratic and more centrist. gore only won here by a laser-thin margin.

i see robert urich has passed away. i always wanted an apartment like the one he had on 'vegas', with all the paraphernalia for his pursuits and hobbies hanging on the walls as decoration.

reuters: deathwatch for thor heyerdahl.

cnn: pesticide blamed for sexual mutation in frogs. erm, in doses lower than the e.p.a. allows for human consumption. that's not good.

the machine only recognizes itself.

i note the business 2.0 weblog article links 'notable bloggers' ... mostly famous individuals, authors, professors. but its the 'little people' who drive the 'revolution', isn't it?

might be too busy to blog ...