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tue 23 apr 02

ah, should we change this to saddam? via cam.

ananova: indiana jones is gonna be watching you, if you're polluting the hudson river. i thought he lived in wyoming ... maybe he moved after the divorce.

ananova: atom bomb pioneer victor weisskopf dead at 93.

ananova: remember 'thunderbirds'? lady penelope, her chauffeur, and her rolls went on the auction block. anyone ever notice that oldsmobile suv looks like the spv from 'captain scarlet'?

morbus sends along a link for his latest article at o'reilly: apache web serving with os x, part six.

new zealand herald: business groups says it has a better way to cut emissions.

slashdot: looking for comparative laptop reviews. my take on laptops is, they're disposables. the models change so frequently, parts lists gradually thin after a year. i spent $3k for my micron two years ago, now worth around $350 on ebay. that's about a $100 dollar drop in value per month. i bought this particular model, because it was supposedly able to be upgraded ... but intel dropped the line of chips this particular model used (absolutely not micron's fault). 400 mhz is as far as i'm going with this. what i wish i'd done now, is bought the $1,200 thinkpad i'd been looking at ... and now i'd be in a position to straight out purchase a faster machine. laptop purchase decision, to me, is based on one year's use ... not long term. get just enough, but no more. and buy an extra battery, always.

the register on chairman bill's pain.

iht: churchill between the wars.

kon-tiki web museum.

greenpeace: tactical victory for the u.s. and big oil interests; greenpeace asks scientists to rise above the politics.

linux today: mandrake linux 8.2 available for ppc. but you'll still have to update apache to 2, mozilla to 1.

zdnet: your worst security threat ... employees?


i just came to the realization, that after watching "lagaan," i understand how the game of cricket is played. when i could catch a game on television, i'd try to decipher what was going on, but was never able to make the mental leap.

washington post: a little old, but ... natalie portman strikes back.

village voice: land of hype and glory.

guardian.uk: britain has a voluntary program for metal-detector hobbyists, to report all finds. how very cool.

ny times op-ed: a jolt in a victory on the right.

ny times letters to the editor: peace, morality and the mideast. readers comment on the carter piece.

ny times: genetically, bison don't measure up to frontier ancestors. hybrids! how horrible. cast this over to humans, wouldn't this be considered racism? (grin).

ny times: white house cut 93% of funds sought to protect nuclear materials. yeah, so i altered the title. we already have a certain level of protection for our nuclear materials; the real debate is how to do it, who should be responsible for it, and how much that will cost in addition to what's being spent today. los alamos national lab is pretty tight, esp. with the continuing air force/national guard umbrella overhead. but the wipp trucks drive to carlsbad without escort.

ny times: karen hughes is leaving the bush camp. my take is, george is losing a leg here.

santa fe new mexican: scientists discuss anti-terror efforts.

cnn: evidence of violence among neanderthals. this is absolutely screaming for a pithy comment, but i'll refrain.

davosnewbies discusses the current climate in france, effects on europe and britain.

new version of mulberry; imap and pop support. mac/win/lin.

rented 'lagaan' last night. started watching at 9, wasn't finished till 1. long film; but fun. first 'bollywood' flick i've seen.