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thu 25 apr 02

ibm developerworks: call javascript from an xslt style sheet.

builder.com: five tips for configuring apache.

nandotimes: strategists tutor g.o.p. on social security rhetoric. get ready to field some whoppers, folks.

telegraph.uk: this leaves me a bit incredulous. yoga breathing will not prevent a shark bite.

"advice from sir charles grandiose." classic.

sunday mail.uk: if you live in scotland, portion off some time this weekend to check your attic. there might be a van gogh in there. it'd be worth $30 mill to clean your attic, now, wouldn't it?

nj.com: legislation would give free-lance writers, artists increased bargaining power with publishers.

and i thought secondhand shrimp breath was bad.

ananova: now *this* gives a whole new meaning to the term 'buzzard breath' ...

ananova: study shows that tea may have heart benefits. so i changed the title a bit. sue me.

ananova: back again. now we're in a universe that expands and contracts eternally, again. i'll wait for more authoritative confirmation on this one ...

btw, the first hummingbird of the season has arrived. a beautiful male broad-tail. feeder is out, sugar water pitcher back in its usual spot in the fridge.

situation resolved.

i'll have to remedy that situation, swiftly.

it's eleven minutes into 'miller time' here, and i'm still working. and there's not a drop of brew in the house. horrors.

a day from hell. howling demons on the line.

ny times: know your larvae. the new york times really has to start making in-article links live.

earthvision: doe makes largest-ever renewable energy purchase. cool!

environmental news network: marine organisms ride plastic detritus, threaten ecosystems.

time: mozilla, the browser that roared. well, that makes open source a bit more mainstream, doesn't it?

newsforge: three reasons to fall in love with mozilla.

slate: bon voyage, karen hughes. there's a joke going around, about 'president hughes.' now that she's abdicated, we'll find out who we *really* elected ...

sourceforge: content development templates.

guardian.uk: umberto eco, diminutive, but perfectly formed.

times of india: ok, you can hunt al-qaeda and taliban here, but just don't tell anyone.

ny times op-ed: looking at the upcoming 25th anniversary of elvis' death. this is worth an editorial? i guess. the only elvis cd i own: the sun sessions cd, commemorative issue [possibly out of print]. on a twilight evening, when you're alone, play track 12, 'blue moon.' it'll give you goosebumps.

speaking of f.d.r., look around you. see that post office, that federal courthouse? out west here, the federal buildings put up by the works progress administration program still dominate the majority of towns. most republican intelligentsia want you to remember roosevelt as a creeping socialist. but the evidence around us shows the remnants of something great, that we unfortunately take for granted. if what i see around me was the product of socialism, then i say we need a little more. sometimes, when driving through the southwest, it comes across like you're discovering the remnants of a once-grandiose civilization, now dead and gone. where did they go? what happened to them? later: thanks, hal.

ny times letters to the editor: bush and f.d.r. hah. the c.c.c. did more for people [and the country in general] in the depression than a blasted tax cut would have.

ny times: after a pair of rare sightings, birders converge. grab yer binocs, and probably your japanese mist nets, and run.

ny times: for these race cars, it's 50 laps around the living room. put a wireless cam in them, drive 'em from a driver's perspective.

ny times: bush may back mental health coverage. parity? we'll see. also, officials discuss insurance for mental illness. obviously, after the zogby polls yesterday, the repubs realize they need to throw us a bone or two, even if it is bipartisan.

santa fe new mexican: i reported here about a week ago on the toddler who picked up a hypodermic in his back yard, and stuck himself. his first tests for hiv and hepatitis have come back negative. hallelujah.

santa fe new mexican: too funny. our federal courthouse got fined $20 for planting new sod in stage 3 water restrictions. when we go to stage 4, the sod will be dead. waste of taxpayer $$. as pretty as it looks, it should be xeriscaped.

reuters: house approves abstinence education programs. "by a vote of 31-19 the committee rejected an amendment ... [snip] ... that would have required information provided in the programs to be 'medically and scientifically accurate.'" anthony comstock must be wriggling in his grave with glee.

cnn: study finds no risk from irradiated mail. but also mentions some individuals can smell things below 'air monitoring limits.' sounds to me like the limits need to be reassessed, don't you? a human being is a wondrous machine ...

cnn: dr. atkins kicks at 71. this article goes to great lengths to avoid blaming the diet. later: this is the second time i've linked a cnn story, that's been changed later. i could swear they had said he croaked. then again, maybe i'm going nuts ... i had a slew of screwups yesterday. it's gotta be the workload ...

though, spring in new york is particularly lovely. i envy the ny bloggers right now. i miss lunches throwing frisbee in the sheep meadow ...

anil, my friend, we just might need some photos this fall. come to think of it, i'm tentatively planning to be back in new jersey late september ... a trip to 22nd street might be in order.

are you allergic to your monitor? i've wondered about monitor off-gassing, for a while now. in the a/v world, we had monitors in metal cases. plastics. yuck.

and dealmac has a fun thread on which is faster, 9 or x?

hey, get a national parks pass for ten bucks off.

cloudy?! but no rain. yet. pray.