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tue 30 apr 02

nova was interesting, but they didn't answer what i wanted to know: if the wtc had been built using 'empire state building' style construction, would it have survived? and i wondered what the walls were constructed of, around the empire state's emergency stairs. maybe if i dig through the website, i can find what they left out in the program ...

dang, where's that mobo upgrade, guys?

slashdot: ruby developer's guide.

cnet news.com: amd gains on intel, sets speed of new chips.

after you're dead, you can still email.

nj.com: white house defends decision to deny $150 million for security at dams, other water projects.

freshmeat: divepix [php, images], ilohamail [php].

o'reilly: vulnerabilities in freebsd.

zdnet: kermit loves linux. but what about 'the great gonzo', 'animal', and the 'mad bomber'?

metafilter on 'frontier house.' read the last entry (by wulfgar!). i ran across it by accident on television last night, and was curious. the emotional attachment to makeup and shampoo was a bit shocking, but it *was* edited to pull that particular string. it's a pbs after-school special, with 'survivor' editing.

even if you don't think you've got klez, please check: mcafee, symantec. and don't run those nasty ms email clients ...

new yorker book review: an unsimple heart. flaubert.

the age.au: advance to where? big money in publishing.

ny times op-ed: stoning and scripture.

ny times letters to the editor: invading iraq, the right path?

ny times letters to the editor: jetskis in the parks. completely misses the point.

ny times: abortion issue holds up bankruptcy bill. tit for tat.

santa fe new mexican: ah, the flush of victory?

santa fe new mexican: you wouldn't think we'd be a big state for apples. but we have rich farmland along the banks of the rio grande, in northern new mexico. unfortunately, a late frost has devastated our apple crop.

reuters: olympic skating judge cries foul as inquiry ends. sounds like a trial of vested interests.

reuters: oil firms say gasoline prices out of their control.

cnn: hubble is back, and better than ever.

still running at half speed. no mobo at the host yet. good news is, they'll be doing a slew of upgrades; more ram, double athlons. can't wait.