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wed 01 may 02

ananova: patent taken for recordings of dinosaurs on prehistoric leaves. plausible? yes. likely? well ...

just downloaded dreamweaver mx. can't wait to screw around with it.

update from host: twin athlon 1800's going in tomorrow morning at around 9:30 eastern. hopefully, by the time i'm getting geared up here in mountain standard, i'll be able to cruise.

interracial voice: marx and his tools.

too funny. moreover's news scrapers must have interesting algorithms: under 'black interest', i found this ... "north american black bear population is growing."

freshmeat: active spam killer, scriptix.

wired: site barks about deep links. hmmm. as a newsblog, how best to handle this? boycott? continue? slashdot discusses the issue, as well.


human for sale.

the register: uh-oh. i think i've been a ba-ad boy.

newsforge: mandrake 8.2 is boring ... in the best way.

zdnet: apple sues over flash mx video technology.

'course, i've got meetings tomorrow, so my first 'normal' day of postings will be friday ...

looks like the motherboard replacement is gonna be tomorrow morning, as it stands right now.

times of india: chronology of political developments in pakistan.

times of india: sounds like the voting process in pakistan was entertaining, at least according to this source.

times of india: currency could pose health risk. specific to india, but applicable anywhere, i'd imagine. wash those bills ...

ny times letters to the editor: gore on climate change. read this, if you're thinking about al in 2004. disturbing.

ny times: the resilient virgin of guadalupe.

ny times: orrin hatch comes out *for* cloning research.

yeah, so i'm busy today ...

ny times: the militias can stand down now. nato planes will cease patrolling u.s. skies. aw, no more black hewicoptuhs ...

santa fe new mexican: russell means, 'just another human being.' in the meantime, bill richardson, in his gubernatorial bid, has been running commercials on local new mexican television channels about his international hostage rescue efforts. it's not especially clear what that has to do with new mexico, however.

santa fe new mexican: more water restrictions go into effect today.

reuters: charlotte church, 'rear of the year'?

cnn: necrotizing fasciitis in maui. not a good thing for hawaiian tourism, especially after the dengue fever outbreaks.

watched 'frontier house' again last night. can't help but wonder, where did they get all those really nice peeled fence posts, the barbed wire, and that handy, modern wire tensioner? it's easy to pick on, but i'm enjoying the series.

well, the latest is, my host's motherboard should be delivered this afternoon, to be installed either late today or tomorrow morning. when the installation takes place, i'll be down for a few hours.