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thu 02 may 02

cnn: rekindled motorcycle gang wars. i knew i should have bought that australian ford; the one with the supercharger on a clutch ...

blue water network. i didn't realize two-strokes were such a problem. this will certainly color my next motorcycle purchase, if this amount of unburned fuel is consistent with motorcycle engines ...

thinking about spending money on new hardware. this is interesting. why link that? i ran across an article in maximum pc magazine that mentions the imac 800mhz is a significantly slower machine than a top-line athlon (like 4x slower in some software functions). maybe i should take a 'see-saw' strategy to hardware. move my windows box to athlon now, make that my primary production machine ... wait for g5 to come (and os x to get more mature). then again, the cost of cross-grades on software. hmmm. lots to ponder. the dreamweaver mx trial is driving some of this thought; the environment looks like enough to satisfy my bbedit longings on windows.

i need to buy a new dictionary. i have an old merriam webster, and i prefer having the language/country/origin references on words. any suggestions? best one i can find is the merriam webster collegiate deluxe, but i'm no expert on dictionaries.

happy birthday, dave!

everyone's got me running six ways from sunday today ...

slashdot on starband.

the register: microsoft's mit professor gets toasted over gnome, kde. the register analysis is good, but i wonder if the judge has the technical wit to understand what was being said.

world of awe.

linuxhelpnetwork: for you newbies, quick and easy apache, php, mysql, mod_gzip how-to.

linuxtoday: red hat (7.2) advisory: mod_python.

newsforge: walmart pc provider to change modem, for linux compatibility.

granta: what we think of america. 24 writers from different countries give their assessments. only a few are online-readable; gotta purchase this one.

ny times: virtually rebuilt, a ruin yields secrets. dang, i'd love to crank up my copy of form•z and do this ...

times of india: who's hu?

ny times op-ed: safire, the intrusion explosion.

ny times letters to the editor: ashcroft and jefferson. the last line's a kicker.

ny times: people and their ... aibo. aibos? aibi?

ny times: children still suffering from 9/11. 'course, makes you wonder the effects on children in more war-torn areas ...

ny times: senator byrd wants to hear from ridge.

santa fe new mexican: state to set los alamos national lab cleanup conditions. you can also check counterpoints at the los alamos study group.

santa fe new mexican: is your lawn dead from drought? don't despair ... paint it green.

cnn: pell grant saved again, for the moment. republicans were attacking this program back when i was looking at college admissions ...

'course, i've got meetings today, so postings will be thin. wouldn't you know!

things seems bleeding fast here; haven't received the confirmation email yet, but based on performance, i'd have to say the new mobo is in ... and it's nice.