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fri 03 may 02

msnbc: pipe bombs go off in illinois, iowa mailboxes. okay, i'm not amused. text of the notes attached to the bombs.

ananova: being in john malkovich's gunsight.

nandotimes: el niño might come to the southwest's rescue.

cnet: study, file sharing boosts music sales.

the luminous landscape: the canon eos-d60 vs. medium format.

bityard book review: linux administration handbook.

your tax dollars at work [note the url]: "the daily daschle".

zdnet: activex flaw exposes flash users to hackers.

metafilter discovers that god is a terrorist?

the economist: persuasion.

alternet.org: playing the anti-semitism card. lining up with tom delay? you gotta be kidding. i guess, in contrast to our president, the fact that delay knew a little history makes him sound miraculous?

msnbc: selling yesterday's stars to generation x and y. "who'd want to look like that now? no one. you'd get laughed at. britney spears is the look." i guess they've never watched the 'our gang' comedies, either ...

times of india: u.s. slaps hefty tariffs on canadian lumber. trade wars, part two. is the intention to force ourselves into being resource-self-sufficient? we can't possibly support our population without major infrastructure [and culture] changes ...

times of india: fbi agent warned u.s. government two months before 9/11.

times of india: a house of horrors in bangalore.

ny times op-ed: window of ignorance. "in fiscal 2000 the federal budget was in surplus by $236 billion. this year's deficit will be more than $100 billion, possibly more than $150 billion."

ny times photography review: on the sidewalks of new york.

ny times: ozone hole causes antarctic cooling. this is bound to cause some confusion ...

ny times: return of the dust bowl. it's bad out here, folks. 'dry' isn't the word ... 'dessicated' is more descriptive.

ny times: what does tom ridge do?

santa fe new mexican: tragedy on top of catastrophe. the individual who allegedly started the fire, shot himself.

cnn: flight 587 crash probe inconclusive. composite failure is still on the table ... and the most likely culprit. it's the 'politics' of composite use in current airplanes that's stonewalling the results, imho.

via an email: russian butterflies.

just in case you're wondering, the recession seems to be hitting here in santa fe rather late. oh, and it *is* a recession, i assure you. at least here. complicate matters with the poor tourist traffic after september 11, then the drought (which means we're facing a bleak summer), and you have a recipe for ... well ... hyperactivity on my part to keep business coming in.

meetings this morning. postings after 12.