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sun 05 may 02

campfires *and* barbecue grills are banned. i found it quite humorous to stand at a trailhead, reading the warning note from the forest service, advising me not to light up an acetylene torch ... then again, if you pack an external frame backpack, who knows? you might need to do some heli-arc welding in the evenings ... *snort* ...

just got back from a short hike in the sangres. the aspens, where they get a reasonable amount of sun, are quite full. above 8500 feet or so, they haven't even begun to sprout yet. there's still snow in the shadow areas. though, i have to say, the quality of the air up there is quite moist, compared with down here in the high desert. bushwhacked a bit along a mountain stream; way down from its previous-year level, but still a nice little excursion.

a pretty sickly looking sunset tonight, courtesy of smoke from arizona fires.

freshmeat: virtual linux 1.1.

i guess i should mention that my first car was a '76 bilious yellow honda civic cvcc five speed. very uncool, but very fuel efficient. by drafting trucks, i could get 55 mpg. i still remember the black houndstooth upholstery ...

worst cars of the millenium. bad as the pinto was, they put the vega above ... as it should be. those sleeves in the pistons were a nightmare. where's the amc pacer? unfortunately, these were the affordable cars of my late high-school/early college years. i'm surprised our generation survived. comment on the yugo: "you go?" "yu-don't."

space daily: another article discussing the theory of a cyclical universe.

the register: senator biden thrills microsoft. more copyright hijinks.

guardian.uk: art sleuths claim back stolen artwork. pieces lifted for adolf hitler.

builder.com: database design for platform independence.

telegraph.uk: is there a market for 'frankenstein fish'? unfortunately, i fear so.

zdnet: study: government outsourcing needs oversight. darn tootin'.

ny times op-ed: a rising tide of defense dollars. the b-1 has always been a good example of this, in many ways.

hey, our humidity in santa fe is in the double digits. 12%. it was 9 a couple of days ago.

ny times op-ed: the attack on the pell grant, and it's ramifications. otherwise known as the seemingly-premeditated 'dumbing down of america.'

ny times: the 80's are in.

ny times: timeless wyoming, at a gallop. sounds wonderful, but looks a little flat to me.

ny times: e-books are a boon for travellers.

ny times: looks like the u.s. is going to abandon another international pact. this time, for a war crimes tribunal.

reuters: adulthood defined by personality change, not events.

cnn: queen's pyramid discovered in egypt.

santa fe new mexican: complaints halt dale ball foothills trail construction. speaking of which, we seem to be having a bumper crop of homeless this year. not the homeless you see in big cities; rangy, grey haired, shoe-leather-tan emaciated individuals hauling huge frame packs long distances.

santa fe new mexican: 'trail of painted ponies' is causing some disgruntlement. over half have still not been purchased, forwarding no needed monies to the charities.

cinco de mayo today.

oof. what part of me *isn't* hurting? anyone get the license plate of the truck that ran over me?