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mon 06 may 02

dalton canyon is evacuated. about 700 acres of ponderosa pine have burned, but they can't get an exact figure due to heavy smoke. 15-20 homes are threatened.

more info after i catch the local news.

dalton canyon is sparsely populated, so the fire's not getting the premier coverage of say, the cerro grande fire.

the winds have calmed somewhat as sunset approaches, and i think if this fire's still going tomorrow, i just might know of a place that's relatively easy to get to that might have a better view.

it amazes me that people can be so oblivious. i was one of only three people on the small mount in the wilderness, watching the progress of the fire. the wind is gusty, from the west, and the fire is deep in dalton canyon ... but the fire was moving westward, towards the santa fe watershed (and santa fe proper). you could watch it fight westward, and they'd hit it with the slurry bombers and knock it down again. i'm assuming, from a hiking topo map, that there's no way they can get anyone on the western slope of the fire today, with what daylight is remaining. they're working the bombers like crazy at the moment. they must fly all the way back to albuquerque to fuel and slurry load.

there are other kinds of fire in the desert at the moment, in spite of drought:

claret cup cactus, blooming (i think).

view of the fire from the eldorado wilderness, high on a small mount:

view from high in the eldorado wilderness, looking north at dalton fire.  a new surge has just begun on the southern ridge.

slurry bomber flying overhead:

slurry bomber.

grab shot of the fire from my front porch (low altitude, so you can gauge the impressive cloud), around four o'clock this afternoon [90mm digital, as long as my little camera lens goes]:

view from front porch, about four o'clock p.m.

breaking news: i can beat the pro journalists easy on this one. the dalton fire is just a few miles north of my house [and that makes me *so very* happy]. i'm going now to a high point in the eldorado wilderness, to view the fire, see which way it's going. i'll take a couple of pics for y'all. there are two campgrounds in dalton canyon; right now, the rumors are that's where the fire started (though fires are prohibited right now). barest of bare rumors at this point.

with the courtyard outside my office redone, i just don't want to spend any time working. just sitting under the umbrella, sipping a cold drink, watching the birds and airplanes go by. a nice caressing breeze at the moment, too. gotta enjoy it while it's here; the crackling heat of summer is yet to arrive.

for a 'stress reduction' seminar, i still remember the 'rain barrel' advice. your personal rain barrel is only so big. all your stress and anxiety fill the barrel. good diet, proper sleep, exercise, playtime, and other pursuits help lower the level in the rain barrel, keeping it from overflowing [freaking out, in other words]. so, how full is *your* barrel? oh, that bad, huh? go schedule a stone massage. [a friendly message from the dangerousmeta! early warning system.]

ananova: prozac 'placebos' do trick for depressed patients. only 'cause it caught my eye. i'm not contesting that prozac does amazing things for some people; but in other studies, it's the talk therapy or state of mind that does the most good. for a particular patient, how does one choose? i'm sure i don't know. but i keep remembering a certain drug introduction show i worked, where we were told to cut off the graphs at six weeks, because placebo performed better than the drug in certain circumstances ... and continued to perform better.

reuters: states ask why microsoft didn't alter windows xp.

reuters: antidepressant use among u.s. children on the rise. that we use our children for guinea pigs is depressing in itself. children are not 'small adults,' merely taking a proportionally smaller dose. i've gone over this before, months ago here. what these drugs will do to developing bodies and brains, god only knows. the prescribing doctors sure as hell don't. two years old?! i'm no doctor, but i'd love to hear the justification for that one ...

cnn: g.o.p. television show to target hispanic voters. i hate to say it, but this is a smart move on the g.o.p.'s part. hispanics are not solidly aligned with either a conservative or liberal bias. actions speak louder than words here in new mexico. it's more the flavor of "what have you done for us lately," and "tell us in our own language." the g.o.p.'s hitting it right on the nose. are you paying attention, dems? for all the 'hispanics' i deal with [more likely i'd call them 'friends'], consistency and integrity score high. from that base, one can judge campaign promises.

cnn: jefferson kin reject slave descendants. keeping "massa tom" lily-white. dna tests show a male jefferson, but a 'study' says "randolph did it." [articles i find on the 'net mention mr. barger as an "amateur historian" ... i have no idea if that's true or not.] the fact remains; the slave descendants are still jeffersons, even if the connection to thom himself is debatable. as such, the "kin" can keep the ball in the air for a few more years, until a spate of exhumations take place.

cnn: two cups of tea a day may reduce risk of death after heart attack. or maybe before? hard as i've tried, i'm just not a tea drinker. how 'bout iced?

linux planet: a sneak preview of netwin's surgemail.

slashdot looks at community networks and websites.

the reg: mandrake 8.2 first look. not happy.

iht: lenin's mistress.

dp review: major update: nikon d100 review.

evil 3d review: pogo linux vorticon 1800+. dual athlon goodness, dual boot preconfigured. as low as $1499?

zdnet: red hat 7.3 linux released.

the spectator: who's ugly now? whether you agree or not, an important read for any liberal. via aldaily.

mobylives: book clubbed.

washington post: on the mall, entrenched thinking. prevention is good, but this sounds pretty off-the-edge. come to think of it, i wonder if they've recorded the plans, made casts of such things as the lincoln memorial statue, for restoration if a terrorist act does ever occur. the loss of brooding lincoln at the end of the mall, would leave our capital a much poorer place ...

the art newspaper: the british museum to assist iraq. there is much undiscovered in iraq. when the regime changes, what an opportunity for archaeologists!

can i mangle the written word, or what?

sort of like really highbrow jazz. it's an active pursuit, one your mind must be fully engaged for in order to be maximally effective.

the age.au: is that all there is? on viewing art. it's interesting, because i prefer to be 'around' a museum over a long period of time, strolling in and catching individual works as they snag my fancy ... but never forcing the serial painting-to-painting style of 'art appreciation.' that was one of the things that bugged me about the guggenheim in las vegas; big paintings hung together, a dearth of areas to sit or lean, in order to contemplate. austere.

times of india: u.s. threatens iraq, denies specific invasion plans. keep ratcheting up the pressure, where will the vessel break?

times of india: bin laden hiding in pakistan. may even have trimmed his beard. fu manchu, ossy?

ny times letters to the editor: graduate student labor. it isn't a walk in the park, grad school.

ny times arts: is deceptive portrait tied to shakespeare?

ny times: the war against northern pike in california. we end up with the keystone kops trying to clean up the mess when things go wrong ...

the new york times touches the nursing crisis. alwin?

ny times: taking on offshore tax havens. avoiding income tax is 'the american way.'

ny times: the perils and profits of 'canned hunting.'

ny times: chirac, re-elected.

santa fe new mexican: peñasco fire lines face a blustery challenge. low humidity, full sun, wind, drought. all the ingredients to make a firefighter's job a living hell.

reuters: 'hep a' more common in u.s. than thought.

reuters: morning-after pill not often used for rape cases in u.s.

cnn: low-flow toilets and the 'clog potential index.' ever notice you rarely see low-flows in public restrooms? i'll give you one guess why.

cnn: warren buffet thinks a nuclear, chemical or biological attack is a certainty. what a bright, positive, happy link for my first read on a beautiful monday.

a few more push-ups, and i'll be ready to blog. back in a few minutes.