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tue 07 may 02

all phone lines are screwing up in santa fe, since about 4 p.m. today. all internet hookups, on all my isp's, are either busy or intermittent. so there may be few updates this evening.

massless went black. how 'bout billy squier's "the stroke"?

ibm developerworks: the cranky user, drowning in aqua. this pretty well mirrors the complaints i'm hearing from non-geeks, familiar with 8/9, using os x. i guess i should also identify them as non-rabid apple fans. via tremendo.

looks like that might be the model i'm seeing ... i'll have to wait for it's next pass to verify.

still looking for that four engine bomber. here's a strange one ... a combo between a b-24 and a pby.

uh-oh. i see colin fletcher's taken on a co-author, and released 'the complete walker IV'. i'll have to look for it ...

current fire restrictions in santa fe national forest.

cnn: republican national committee seeks lawsuit against campaign finance. 'freedom of speech' is a common rallying cry, isn't it?

cnn: new jersey residents cry foul over geese. and what is the cause of the goose overpopulation? those lovely basins, ponds and lakes that corporate facilities and housing developments install, surrounded with delicious grass. nice and warm, all year round. now percolating with bacteria and algae grown by massive amounts of goose poop. some geese don't even migrate anymore. this is inextricably linked to the deer overpopulation as well.

mountaineer's saying: "the best dressed corpses wear cotton." in reference to cotton's poor performance when wet.

okay, i'm way wrong. i think it's a repurposed dc-7. that matches the tail, at least. the nose is completely different, however, with a set-back cockpit.

some cool shots of firefighting aircraft. slow to load.

one of the slurry bombers is a four-engine beast that looks like a reconstructed early cold-war era bomber. identifying it is driving me nuts. long, slim nose, with square edges when viewed vertically. long vertical tail, squared edges on top. not the rounded tail of any of the fortress/superfortresses.

freshmeat: update to smarty php template engine, 2.1.1.

slashdot: virus piggybacks microsoft mail worm.

the register: 'son of cookie.'

you'll never know, or understand, how much one can miss 'european' style architecture (such as winterthur). adobe gets cloying after a very short time, efficient as it is for this environment. i have a soul-yearning for the gothic alleyways of princeton university, too often ...

absolute arts: "an american vision: henry francis du pont's winterthur museum." winterthur (the name of the estate) is a must-see in the brandywine valley. especially if you're as big a fan of antique furniture as i am. even better, the gardens. not as grandiose as longwood; clever. the entire garden is arranged in a sort of circular form, with flowers blooming in different seasons progressing around the circle. spring is especially gorgeous ... and you can either walk, or ride in these cool surrey-trams. which reminds me ... i need to create a sundial in my yard.

the etext archives.

environmental news service: oil supply, nuclear fusion occupy g-8 energy ministers.

bbc: worldwide weather project. sorta like seti.

globe and mail: the world wildlife fund won! the world wrestling foundation is now the wwe.

linux journal: linux saves money and the numbers prove it.

boston globe online: democrats dreaming of a mccain run in 2004.

austin-american statesman: cornyn settles tiff over bush records. net-net, bush's gubernatorial records are free game. craig will be happy about this, when he returns.

linux focus: discover the universe.

zdnet.uk: intel may sue over new pentium 4 bus. "you can't accelerate to our bus speed without paying a license fee."

new scientist: computerized improvisational jazz. yo, zoot, crank up the g4 ...

bbc: the first musical concert in the roman colosseum in 2,000 years will headline ... ray charles!

philly.com: popularity of classical music.

the slurry bombers are going overhead again. i can see light smoke to the north.

times of india: china's jiang and bush sr. 'forget taiwanese independence.'

ny times editorial: christie whitman holds her ground. clean up them diesels.

ny times op-ed: true blue americans. red vs. blue ... the analysis turns me white.

ny times letters to the editor: regime change? america leads by example. our 'example' is a fine point that seems to be lost on our current administration.

ny times: biologists sought a treaty; now it ties their hands.

ny times: new details emerge from the einstein files. ah, this swells me with pride for my government. [not.]

ny times: when giving birth, opting to go it alone. with insurance issues in new mexico, i'd say this might just be more the rule around here. one can't afford insurance to 'get pregnant', and there are few [if any] doctors who are taking new patients.

ny times: religion and health. you can chalk it up to the power of positive thinking, but it's worthy of a study, at least.

ny times: seattle slew has passed away. he was 28.

ny times: $11 billion artillery system is dead. ah. boys with their toys. i believe rumsfeld will hold the bottom line.

ny times: wall street firms said to break email rule. interesting. you have to hold on to them for three years, at least. aren't we required to keep copies of our tax records for seven? why not the same for financial firms?

cnn: 2.53 gigahertz pentium 4. 533 mhz bus speed! where's the hammer?

cnn: consumer reports reveals successful diet tips. there ain't no 'magic bullets,' just hard work and perseverance.

cnn: he's dead ... he's alive ... he's dead ... he's alive ... he's dead? sounds like osama's turning into elvis.

cnn: pipe bombs in colorado and texas. too close for my comfort. they need to nail this bastard.

santa fe new mexican: anxious residents watch fire's progress.

santa fe new mexican: crews pounce on fire. relative humidity as low as 3%. and this is the first article to admit we might run out of water by mid-summer.

at the moment, i hear no slurry bombers overhead. i assume that's good news.