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wed 08 may 02

and, on the flip side, there's no telling what that's going to do to business. santa fe lives and breathes on tourism, y'know. it's hard enough right now, i can tell you, with the late-arrived recession here.

the dalton canyon fire is 70% contained, and they're now closing national forest areas by the handful. i'll have more of a report tomorrow morning, but it looks like i'll have to go to colorado or wyoming for hiking or backpacking this summer ... dangit. that's a four to six hour haul to colorado ... if they don't start closing down too.

emotional and physical "boundaries violations." seems like dropping these, the weblogging world might end.

cnn: house panel ok's stiffer cybercrime penalties. "providers would face penalties if they did not store electronic records, such as customer e-mails, for at least 90 days." just dandy, guys.

looking over today, i think i've caught a case of oblique disease ...

forget windex. pepsi blue makes me think of ty-d-bowl. but then, so did blue gatorade. what're we ingesting this time, blue #7? #4? and how healthy is that, pray tell?

don't know if you mac-heads caught this on deal-mac or not: photoshop 7 upgrade for $87 bucks. sounds good to me.

kottke.org: the 'classics' contain more that is pertinent to our daily lives than a dozen modern novels. as myth can be applied to the human condition, there are universal characters and themes in the classics. i'm still working through the 'western canon' myself, but with each book, i become significantly more enlightened. readers! our world needs more of them. sometimes i feel i'm the only one digging in the classics aisle at the local bookstore; i'm very happy to find out that's not so.

phew. all the media coverage for ozzy osbourne. i mean, it's everywhere. you can't escape it. you know what's really crazy? walking in the santa fe national forest last weekend, folks have carved their names into aspens. a good two miles away from the trailhead, you would have heard me scream ... a great big OZZY carved in the tree [probably at least ten years ago]. enough already! i know you want him top-of-mind ... but why, oh great media machine? as far as i'm concerned, ozzy's participation with bush should have been marked by a quick bat-snack ... but then again, he *has* gone mainstream, with a sit-com and all. maybe the media is celebrating that they've tamed the ozz ... and rubbing it in.

cnn: feds fight civil war battlefield relic hunters.

imra: saddam hussein has nuclear weapons. comforting thought for israel. via broomeman.com. check out his link to the maryland tornado pics while you're there.

ananova: watching television may make you believe you have an active social life. yowzer. do you base your concept of reality on television? i sure as hell don't.

freshmeat: mysqlapache 1.0, abiword 1.0.1 [first stable release].

ny times: the sincerest form of flattery: the networks' self-commemoration. i ran across the 'laverne & shirley' reunion last night, almost gagged, and ran out to rent a dvd immediately ...

chaos without the math.

the logical fallacies. as webloggers, how many of these have we 'committed'? how many are familiar, and read every day?

zdnet australia: firestarter: 5 minutes to a linux firewall.

tuxppc:review of mandrake linux 8.2, ppc.

zdnet.uk: solar-powered chip fuels bionic retina.

guardian.uk: faiths that preach tolerance.

chronicle of higher ed: two cheers for colonialism.

ny times: don quixote tops author's poll. choice colored by our current world situation ... ?

andante: dancing jellyfish! a good example of what happens when the creative types are unchecked by more pragmatic elements. my favorite gaffe, from my manhattan a/v years, was an attempt to use 'shaky cam' technique for ... get this ... interviews for a stroke drug. what was supposed to be oh-so-serious ended up being a laughingstock.

times of india: iraqi oil to begin shipping again tomorrow. maybe gas prices will relax a little.

for some reason, the new york times layouts are really screwed up in mozilla, on my windows box. text starting halfway down the page; advertisements cutting off text. disjointed. bizarre.

ny times editorial: women at risk.

ny times letters to the editor: as america spurns another treaty.

ny times: chicago's photographers and their abstract world.

ny times: organic produce has 1/3 less pesticide residue than regular produce. always buy organic. do it for your kids and grandkids.

ny times: u.s, in a shift. tells justices that citizens have a right to guns. the shift from 'militia' to individual ownership is huge, folks, make no mistake. *huge*, i tell you! ashcroft is shaking legal foundations here. 'god, government, and guns.' cripes.

santa fe new mexican: fire stalls; forest to close. more on the dalton fire, but even more important, they're going to close santa fe national forest to the public. here i am getting in hiking shape for summer, and now i'll have to venture much further afield for pleasure. would that the general public could be more responsible with combustibles ...

santa fe new mexican: first item in the list, cut phone line cuts off service. this is worrisome, in the face of domestic terrorism. one cut fiber optic line took down land lines, cellular lines, and dial-up internet service for santa fe. this is why i not only couldn't get online, but couldn't call with either a conventional or cellular phone for hours yesterday. think about it. redundancy, for any city of size, would seem to be called for, don't you think?

still no slurry bombers, at 11:30 a.m. - winds must be too high for operations in the canyon.

reuters: tv envy? you gotta be kidding ... gadget envy is more accurate. men with deep pockets always buy things that are way beyond their ken, or capabilities to use. okay, fat boy, where're you going to use that titanium dual-suspension mountain bike? oh, around the block. how 'bout that boxter? what's the fastest you've taken it up to? 75? yep ... oh, but you do 50 around 25 mph turns ...

cnn: a heretic priest in ireland?

cnn: ah, so they caught the pipe bomber. wearing a kurt cobain t-shirt? i guess it's better to burn out, than fade away ...

the real danger for us, in santa fe county, is that this fire threatens the santa fe watershed. the area that holds *all* of our water resources. there's been contention about thinning the forests in the watershed; the usual pro vs. con arguments have been going on for a while. they began thinning at the bottom end (nearest santa fe, i believe) just recently this year. the forest is choked with dead wood and underbrush in most of northern new mexico, precisely because we prevent forest fires from doing nature's work. a tinderbox! piled ponderosa pine, juniper, piñon pine, etc. - dry and dead on the ground. if we won't let fire burn, then we must thin ... and thin responsibly.

455 hits, before 9 this morning? good grief. must be that i score high on the dalton fire searches. if you want to see pictures, check my postings from the day before yesterday, when it started.

local news says the dalton fire's about 40% contained. there's significantly less smoke than in any of the previous days; however, we had some busting winds last night, and we're supposed to be gusty to 30 mph or higher today.

i'm running late today. more discursive postings will be a bit later.

slurry bombers haven't started up yet.