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fri 10 may 02

a couple of shots from last night:

such a flower, in the midst of a drought ...

sunset over the jemez mountains.

santa fe national forest 'situational awareness.'

national post: 'there are probably greater evils than the evils of censorship.' oh, for heaven's sake. yeah, but you're not only altering the art, you're whitewashing history.

ny times: spring hikes, first blisters ... then the bliss. in other words, they haven't closed carson national forest yet. there's hope around taos.

santa fe new mexican: more backcountry area closures. darnit.

cnn: another wildfire in new mexico. and dalton's 80% contained. until july's rainy season, i fear this may be a weekly occurrence.

still running in 'throttle-back' mode.