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mon 13 may 02

iht: book review, "the emperor's babe."

hazard maps.

wrecked exotics. makes ya wanna cry ... though why a toyota supra is in here, i have no idea ...

cnet: apples says "play music at your own risk." certain copy-protected cd's will play havoc ...

new york daily news: hilary for vice president in 2004? ah, rush might be able to keep his day job if this happens ...

the economist gives what looks like a balanced overview of the pim fortuyn assassination.

ananova: a water gun, to find and destroy land mines. i wonder about availability of water, and power source, in those areas it may be used.

ananova: tracking down living descendants of mummified incans.

watched "up at the villa" on dvd last night. *snore*. can't believe anyone liked it. a sure cure for insomnia.

evolt.org: msie 6 bug with floating DIVs and spacers.

guardian.uk: the opec connection to the venezuelan coup.

yow. i just drove by a really well-kept triumph tr7. that's a blast from the late '70's ... and come to think of it, ahead of it's time? kudos also to the x1/9, first in the wedge shape/hidden headlight area for sports cars, i believe ... but i haven't seen one in a coon's age.

philly.com: the drought emergency may be easing back east. humph. we should be so lucky out west here ...

risk assessment information system. interesting. i wonder if the use of antiperspirants with aluminum chlorohydrate could be contributing to low sperm counts? dig around; see what you find.

gallon environment newsletters special - cancer. canadian. scroll down a ways and read the stats for cancer vs. hot dog consumption. i haven't eaten a hot dog in years, though i retain a weakness for bacon that only occasionally gets fulfilled ... because of my wariness of nitrites.

"it's easier to work on solutions without people shouting in your ear."
- abbie hoffman

time to work. i need a clone of myself.

craig's back at booknotes. feel better, bud.

men's fitness: a fast lower-back workout. i'd forgotten about good mornings. i've been doing stiff-leg deadlifts, and having good results ...

herald sun: baby's fatal diet of rice milk. 'natural food' taken way too far. i wonder about the i.q. of these parents; supplementing with cereals would have made more sense ... she was, after all, nine months (i believe) when she passed away.

support the algebra project.

black world today: "mothers of the universe." i'm late with this for mother's day, but a good read nonetheless.

cnet: intel cuts celeron prices.

freshmeat: nut 6.8 [nutrition/linux], jasperreports 0.3.0 [java/xml].

ny times: some in administration grumble as aide's role seems to expand. shades of reagan again; a president ruled by his aides. government by committee. and you know what *that* means ...

usa today: previous occupants haunt oval office. in reference to the carter cuba trip.

zdnet: score, macromedia: 1, adobe: 1, customers: 0.

slashdot: can 802.11 become a viable last-mile alternative?.

godspeed, earl shaffer. first person to hike the appalachian trail.

iht: the wartime correspondence of bennett cerf and donald klopfer.

environmental news service: speaking of fish, mercury food alert issued for swordfish, shark. top of the food chain, again.

seattlepi.com: dead orca is a red alert. extremely high pcb levels, at the top of the ocean food chain. gee, and we're on top of that food chain, hmmm? again, via metafilter.

the new republic: the deficit gets worse, and so does bush. via metafilter.

washington post: brutish and short. everyone's favorite permanent resident of the invalides.

ny times: a man who would shake up science.

scotsman.com: a quixotic choice.

sfgate: arts in classes rise from the ashes. f.

bbc: pavarotti hints at retirement.

times of india: arafat leaves jenin without visiting refugee camp. hmmmm.

times of india: washington mum on likud's rejection of a palestinian state.

ny times editorial: the bermuda tax triangle. "what was john trani, stanley's chief executive, thinking?"

ny times editorial: a bad law's birthday. the general mining law of 1872.

ny times letters to the editor: the nursing shortage.

ny times: a new direction for intellectual property.

ny times: bush signs budget-busting farm bill.

ny times: sears buys lands end? a switch from tacky to preppy ...

ny times: u.s./russia nuclear pact.

cnn: working to restore lincoln's cottage.

slammed with work today.