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tue 14 may 02

ananova: alien life could be as common as one-in-three. how to test the hypothesis ... that's the question.

well, thunderstorms are in the local area. not much moisture will hit the ground ... but lightning will. bummer.

oooh. some nice b-17 shots at photodude.

iwon: oil prices hit eight month high on forecast supply drop. driving this summer? hmmm.

permanent forum on indigenous issues breaks new ground for the world's indigenous peoples.

os opinion: renderman for os x?

msnbc: pandering to the right? in spite of ashcroft, the gun show loophole may be closed this spring ... thanks to mccain and lieberman.

outdoors magic: no hillary/tenzing replay. uncrossed paths on everest.

cnet: net firms turning to tradition in advertising. "... ad buyers steeped in the vernacular of print, outdoor and broadcast media still don't understand how to reach a specific audience on the internet." mwah-hah-hah-hah. this one'll tickle my funny bone for the evening, sure. banner ads! sell 'em banner ads. keep 'em away from email ...

national post online: we have to believe reason beats racism. more ruminations on the 'n' word. maybe it's the era i was raised in, but i can't use it in common speech. it just won't come out. but i've used 'denigrate' from time to time ... past time to change it to 'belittle' or 'defame.' rewrite the old long-term memory ...

nj.com: bill peet, disney story man, has passed away. fantasia [original, please], dumbo, 101 dalmations, etc. ... godspeed to another member of the animation community that made our childhoods so enjoyable.

science daily: ocean ecosystems only altered following two great mass extinctions; unexpectedly stable over hundreds of millions of years.

simple photogallery php script.

reuters: states contend that microsoft urged linux retaliation.

msnbc 'cosmic log'. another journalism experiment with weblog format. via metafilter.

my first experience with fruit trees. for all the world, it looked like a bug was eating the leaves, but there were no bugs to be found. holes, slits, chunks missing. local garden store says it's a fungus. well, i'll be go to hell.

slate: you gotta be kiddin'. "choking at the bowl." performance anxiety. first time i've ever heard of the malady.

reuters: aspirin, good for you in two ways.

reuters: steven spielberg will finally get his college degree on may 31.

speaking of mice, two more terrorists have bitten the dust. literally.

yeah, but al, this is what i spent some time discussing with craig, when he stopped by. being a prolific 'human aggregator' may not be necessary anymore, with all the automated tools around [feedreader runs circles around amphetadesk and all the other aggregators imho, but win only]. i feel like i'm hamburger, when i would prefer to be filet, if you know what i mean. the 'inch-deep' nature of modern newsreporting drives me nuts; i really would prefer to have an easy way to get (and give) more discursive background information on items. blogs and media tend to have blinders on when it comes to the 'time' issue; everything's new, few things exist as a continuation in the stream of events. search engines and archives are dull instruments, like trying to hit a mouse at 1000 yards with a shotgun. xml 'categories' are not enough for me; i want my previously-gathered linkage at my fingertips in a contextual manner, easy to refer to without turning my life into a form-filling metadata nightmare. if people read my weblog regularly, they recognize the threads i follow ... but to a new reader, many posts and comments may seem nonsensical. of course others think my posts are merely emersonian 'foolish consistency' [psychoanalyzing this subset of my thoughts here is a waste of time], but i've been pondering blogging issues a lot lately, and a sea-change may be in the works this summer.

craig at booknotes catalogs his road trip.

ibm developerworks: dual-booting linux.

dp review: first contax n digital samples online. also, an update to qimage pro.

freshmeat: phpformgenerator 1.01, file::scan 0.26.

cnet: apple's xserve, rack-mount.

slashdot: how dangerous is online chat for kids?

slashdot: hard drive performance - ata100 vs ata133.

leave it to the register. marker pens and sticky tape crack copy-protected cd's. delightfully low-tech.

independent.uk: bush adviser says forget kyoto for ten years.

vnu.net: greenpeace cans windows. goes open-source, woo-hoo!

guardian.uk: eco-warriors of the women's institute turn heat on exxonmobil. make jam, not greenhouse gases.

earthvision: ratification of ship pollution treaty sought.

guardian.uk: darwinism in a flutter. remember learning the moth color-change evidence of natural selection? well, the study was flawed.

metropolismag: hearing voices. architects, self-expression vs. usability.

the nation: whatever happened to balance in nonfiction? i think it's an escape from the increasing complexity of our lives; desiring to believe issues can be summed up in a paragraph, in black and white ... when the rich, deep grey areas rule our world. it's a sort of recreational voluntary ignorance.

telegraph.uk: the cleaning power of pisa. restoring art to death. why do so many bad restorations wait until they've completely obliterated a work to call a halt?

y'know, those makers of copy-protected disks should have to soak the costs of repairing damage to computers. it isn't right that they do this with no repercussions.

times of india: putin launches regional military bloc. from nato in the west, to china in the east.

times of india: russia developing a new generation of missiles.

times of india: living in the united states may be unhealthy for asians. the american culture seems to thrive on high fat, low exercise.

ny times: sifting through the last tons of sept. 11 debris.

ny times opinion: a dutch radical's message to europe. not the flavor of le pen, but more of clinton.

ny times letters to the editor: boys and girls, learning as equals.

ny times editorial: an ominous reversal on gun rights. it's not just a bad deal, ny times ... it's revolution.

got some wierdness going on since updating to mozilla rc2. the 'net hookup gets stale after awhile, requiring a disconnect and a reboot.

fighting to get on top of the old work load, don't you know.

ny times: in nightmares and anger, children pay the hidden cost of 9/11.

ny times: chris whittle's back in the news again. this time, his 'edison schools' is facing financial hardship. i assume you recall 'channel one', the advertising network for schoolchildren?

ny times: in montana, it's man vs. grizzly. these folks should have a web site. there's been continuing discussion on rec.backcountry about how to defend against the occasional grizzly interest ... pepper spray, or a .454 casull? the nonviolent say you'll shoot a hole in your foot; the gun aficionados say you'll be a nicely-spiced meal for ms. grizzly. but here's an idea ... rubber bullets. someone mentioned flare guns, but with the forest as dry as it is out here, that falls pretty flat. i'll have to hit the montana news sources to find out more, i guess ...

santa fe new mexican: freeze-dried trees fool the water-conscious.

reuters: majority of brazilians expect an unfaithful spouse.

reuters: stress hormone in skin may trigger acne, oily skin. if i remember the photos of the kids correctly, maybe acne is a better indicator of kids about to flip on columbine-style shootings ...

cnn: cuban biotech boom.

i think allergies are creeping in, in spite of the precautions i've taken. *sniff*.