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thu 16 may 02

reuters: white house defends handling of pre-sept. 11 report. sorry, dr. rice, but the algerian terrorists attempt to slam a plane into the eiffel tower in '94 is plenty of prior art, given their probable links to al qaeda. the concept of using a plane as a flying weapon has been on the table, though probably considered very unlikely. i've been doing a little digging tonight, and to be fair, al qaeda seemed to have flooded our intelligence networks with false information last summer ... but that in itself should have implied something, too. definitive hearings on all these matters can't happen too soon, imho. enough of our armchair quarterbacking ... let's hear from our intelligence community directly.

bbc: gas pipeline in afghanistan. and the number one preference is unocal. halliburton built pipelines for unocal (in burma, for one). i don't like conspiracies, but over the last month or so, i'm beginning to think if it walks like a duck ... yet my logical mind keeps saying "nah. couldn't be." via metafilter.

cnn: families of 9/11 victims upset that clues may have been missed. calling it a 'cover-up.' for those who would want to sweep this under the rug and 'move on', i think it's better we put it to bed now, with full disclosure. why? has the controversy over pearl harbor died yet? no. let's not belabour history with this. get it out, take the lumps.

cnn: wow, the odd couple, what? harrison ford and callista flockhart. indiana jones and twiggy.

cnn: study: babies tune in faces. oh, for heaven's sake. look at the contrast on the monkey faces. the younger the child, the more it responds to wide contrast, esp. when items are arranged in a familiar 'face' layout. any observant parent knows this.

cnn: pakistani police may have found daniel pearl's body.

unisci: our conscious mind could be an electromagnetic field. as interesting as this theory sounds, one would imagine that living near major power lines or using cell phones would cause schizophrenia or something. no matter how much 'shielding' our skin provides. via metafilter.

dividing too much attention. back in a while.

cnet: aol for os x will use gecko, not i.e.

roll call: democrats have plan to 'unmask' g.o.p. to win latino votes.

cosmiverse: the last four of the 'mercury seven' gather to reminisce. and wally schirra tries to put the 'grissom hatch opening' to bed.

new scientist: nicotine not only kills brain cells, but stops new ones from forming.

philly.com: japan to retaliate on american steel tariffs.

mckinsey quarterly: strategy equals structure. pdf.


bbc: americans are making major life decisions via the internet.

outside online: while i'm looking, want to go 107 mph on a mountain bike ... and crash?

outside online: speaking of knee problems, jan ullrich to skip tour de france. we'll miss you, jan.

men's journal: a flatlander's guide to trail running. well, it can be both easier on the knees, and harder as well ... depending on whether you're on dirt or rocks. ankle/calf strength is a *must*, and must be built slowly and carefully. balance.

iwon: buddhist monk starts fund to rebuild afghan statues.

the register: world leaders use 'terror card' to watch all of us. forever. "although the g8 refers to september 11 and terrorism as justification for data retention, there is no proposal to limit the use of data to terrorist cases."

the register: yahoo charges for new york times content. not surprising, really, but worthy of a mental note. maybe the market will drive a discount someday (grin) ...

freshmeat: sloppy 1.0.0 [slow down your net connection!], fphp website user management system 0.9 alpha 2, ilohamail 0.7.3 [imap/pop3].

linux today: three from zdnet, replacing microsoft office.

washington post: high school smoking is way down.

black world today: a silent problem: black women and infertility. "the mythos surrounding african-americans and fertility has always centered on the notion that blacks are hyper sexualized and as a group are more fertile than their white counterparts."

freshmeat: phpmylibrary 1.0.4b.

the register: ms releases the granddaughter of all i.e. security patches.

the register: outlook worm markets porn site via your email signature.

the register: a 'perl' of an offer from it-minds.

new york observer: rodin's rebels.

environmental news network: ottawa unveils kyoto plan, hints at withdrawal. in other words, canada may follow washington's lead.

environmental news network: e.p.a. proposes pollution credits to clean up rivers.

national resources defense council: smog kills in l.a. county.

science daily: extreme climate variance sped extinction of local butterfly populations.

the matrix: reloaded trailer.

dp review: nikon d100 samples online.

guardian.uk: landmark judgment on asbestos victims. interesting, in light of air quality issues in lower manhattan post sept. 11.

librenix: netscape 6.2.3 is out, but based on mozilla 0.94. waste 'o' time. go get mozilla 1 rc 2.

newsforge: is the server market doomed? what does this mean for apple's xserve?

usa today: threats to capitol drive post-attack plans. this is worth watching closely, if you value our constitution. "a bipartisan task force will debate changes to the constitution that would permit governors to appoint members to the house of representatives if a large number were killed or incapacitated in an attack. changes in the order of succession to the presidency also will be examined." this would be worth driving to washington d.c. for, to listen to this task force assemble their 'solutions.'

erm, the washington post brings up an interesting point about the bush/hijack knowledge: "it also represents a shift in the official version of events surrounding the attacks on new york and washington, which bush and other administration officials have generally characterized as a sneak attack that could not have been foreseen ..."

kernel trap: what's new in freebsd 5.0.

linux today: opera 6.0 for linux released. also, opera 6.02 for windows, too.

cnet: despite war of words, amd and intel costs close.

zdnet.uk: teenager charged with instant-message harassment.

the new republic: in praise of balance.

thisislondon.uk: backward view of the role of women. 'bridget jones syndrome'? "of course, most would agree that the taliban in afghanistan took it all to a most unwelcome extreme. but if they were wrong about women, that does not mean to say that we are right." have at him, ladies.

ny times: saving the voices of the great poets.

ny times: broad tax sought on music storage in canada. they're going to get their dough, one way or another.

bbc: $1.4 billion of art destroyed. yeesh. draw and quarter both the guy *and* his mum ...

the star: the sad, saggy truth about opera singers.

times of india: washington and moscow still scrapping over the sale of sensitive equipment to iran. oh, yeah. that 'axis of evil' thing.

times of india: u.s. rejects carter appeal to lift cuban embargo.

ny times letters to the editor: the lightning rod amendment. the right to keep and bear arms, led off by ... you guessed it, 'ben hur'.

ny times: the pope might 'resign'? i thought the post was for life, come what may.

ny times: bush was warned bin laden wanted to hijack planes. biggest news story of the day, sure ...