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fri 17 may 02

a local tv news station did a 'test' of the mexico/new mexico border. three hours from mexico to a main road in new mexico, no 'encounters' until they lit off a flare for their driver. a virtual sieve for terrorists with an agenda, easiest access to our heartland. i would hope some enterprising newscasters are doing the same 'testing' at some of our west and east coast harbors ...

i just heard yes' "roundabout" on the radio, and wondered what rick wakeman was up to. remember back in the early 70's, when you'd buy an album for the cover? cover art was amazing ...

gotta run again. back later, maybe. after all, it's friday ...

enough coniurationes ... i'll drop it for the rest of the day. the media will just be rehashing all this stuff anyway. no need to belabor it.

fridayfive.org: what the hell. 1, biolage. 2, none. 3, 1 week ago. 4, gel, occasionally. whatever brand looks good that month. 5, having my hair parted from ten feet away by a very angry mexican in a bar in ojinaga, with a large hunting knife.


here's a big question. after arresting moussaoui, why did noone go back to look at hanjour again? surely it should have raised a red flag of some sort. different agencies, no correlation of information?

what a small world, and a funny coincidence. if you looked at that bob hoover link, check the author of that article at the bottom of the first paragraph.

msnbc: the f.a.a. investigated hanjour, the probable pilot of the pentagon plane, in 2001. "the operations manager ... [snip] ... said she called the f.a.a. inspector that oversaw her school three times in january and february 2001 to express her concerns about hanjour." read the article. unbelievable that even overlooking the knowledge that this joker was a hijacker, they wouldn't be more careful giving someone with this low level of knowledge and capability a commercial flying license. i worked damned hard towards my private pilot's license, and everyone was strict as can be ... but that was fifteen years ago. they'd let this guy get a commercial ticket, and they take away bob hoover's license? travesty.

msnbc has more information, although general, on the plan to attack al qaeda and afghanistan pre-sept. 11. "the plan dealt with all aspects of a war against al-qaida, ranging from diplomatic initiatives to military operations in afghanistan."

msnbc: private christian school expells kindergartener because her mother is a stripper. doesn't sound very 'christian' to me, in spite of the offer of financial help.

washington times: great picture of key largo's latest artificial reef, in the process of sinking.

bbc: timeline of events leading up to september 11. lots of interesting things here, but check out that last one ...

ah, the first roses of our season are about to pop. maybe this afternoon, maybe tomorrow.

the boonshoft museum peregrine falcon cam. watch the chicks grow, in real time.

ananova: 11 new moons for jupiter.

ananova: officials meet over the cooked food/acrylamide controversy. british scientists have confirmed the swedish findings ... but what does it mean? well, we're sure to find out, one of these days.

ananova: germany pardons former nazi army deserters and homosexuals who were sent to concentration camps.

cnn: belgium passes right-to-die law.

cnn: abortion opponents created threat, and are liable. the website seems to encourage violence, which discredits the pro-life movement, losing all moral high ground. as long as they continue this, i certainly wouldn't be buying their arguments.

a cnn article mentions: "... the prospect of an attack involving planes crashing into buildings was raised in an 1999 interagency u.s. government study ..." and, even better: "the authors specifically cited al qaeda involvement in a possible terror attack in which a jet would crash 'into the pentagon, the headquarters of the central intelligence agency (cia), or the white house.'" just puts another nail in condi rice's statement of yesterday.

insight and outlook: an interview with james hillman. i had the opportunity to talk with him one-on-one for an extended period at a salt institute event last year, and thank him for his efforts. an intellect as sparkling as any i've ever experienced. one book at a time is o.k., but you should read his entire body of work to get in the groove. he does love to slay 'sacred cows,' but that's mythological and archetypal in itself. *chortle* via metafilter.

as always, read booknotes today. contemplation of mortality always catches my interest.

freshmeat: louis template class [php], Balsa 1.3.6 [imap, pop3].

washington post: bush defends hijack warning reaction. yeah, but read this: "... white house officials confirmed they had a battle plan to topple bin laden awaiting bush's approval in the days before the attacks." my italics. what the hell?

discovery: the house says, let's go to mars!

the register: ms i.e. patch misses the mark.

gramophone: universal classics launches new trio series next month.

low end mac: bring out the gimp. after playing with the gimp the other week, it's a small subset of photoshop's capabilities. and no cmyk. i don't see any serious professional limiting themselves with this, at its current state of development.

newsforge: open source provides a better solution for schools.

washington post: ex-energy chief aims for new mexico governor.. i wrote about all this here at least a month ago, i believe. the ads have little bearing on new mexico issues. i hear rumors he has an incredible war chest gathered, which i believe can be used for future political bids.

zdnet: email, when "e" stands for embarrassing. yet the courts often ignore the fact that email is incredibly easy to forge, or alter after the fact.

the american prospect: the politics of dog. eating. consuming 'pets' in america as taboo.

seattlepi.com: popular with the homeless, tacoma public library sets a limit on 'carry-in' items.

slate: nancy cook, how to be a gallery owner.

the art newspaper: the villa of papyri, to dig or not to dig?

new scientist: making midi violin more realistic.

gotta take off for a while ...

times of india: mullah omar says bin laden still alive. omar and osama are like hope & crosby, abbott & costello ... no matter what you do, they keep popping back up with a snappy rejoinder.

okay, so i went crazy with the times. on to other things.

ny times letters to the editor: half an amendment, the rebuttal to charlton heston.

ny times editorial: schools for sale. hear, hear. it's about time someone called this one. students *are* the ultimate captive audience.

ny times editorial: the blame game. "... the country will have to live with the much messier and no less disturbing fact that the government as a whole dropped the ball and even now is not doing nearly enough to ensure that it doesn't happen again." in my terms, we want you to put american lives first, politics a distant second.

ny times: how to spend 36 hours in newport, rhode island. 'course, i would recommend not to miss block island, just offshore. take a camera; most varied lighting i've seen other than here in santa fe.

ny times new york region: sex in the city. horseshoe crabs, in menage-a-trois ...

ny times: the world health organization looks to catalog world folk medicines.

ny times: forest service to recommend opening alaska forest area. once again, "i'll give you a little wilderness, if you let us have a little logging and mining space." of course, as we've seen from our 'energy commission', nothing's sacred ... so these are not guarantees, really.

ny times: apparently the gallup poll folks asked americans what they thought about the bush administration/hijack warnings issue.

ny times: may 30 is the official end of the 'ground zero' search. to be marked with a tribute.

ny times: democrats say bush must give full disclosure. note, even senator shelby of alabama (republican) has questions.

santa fe new mexican: councilors ponder water budget. tying growth to available water. yet, if you build outside city limits, you can drop a well anywhere and use all the water you want. a difficult future to plan for, unless the county itself moves to address the water situation. you'd imagine there would already *be* some sort of limitations, given that we're in the high desert.

reuters: democrats press september 11 probe. cheney says we're still at war, and an investigation is irresponsible. seeing as how the 'war on terror' has no likely end in the immediate future, there's no time like the present to correct our mistakes. i believe the idea is to save lives, not worry about political damage control.

cnn: f.a.a. says it cautioned airlines of hijack threat before sept. 11. not a scapegoat, but just another piece of the overall puzzle.

posting frequency may be somewhat strange today. i'm facing a challenging schedule ...