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sun 19 may 02

good grief. and good night.

"tomorrow, unfortunately, the sky will be blue again ..."

just a last, offhand comment: what in the world is so special about this observation? *everyone* knows this is likely. the news media's gone senile ...

hmmmm. [scroll down] personally, i thought the price of coyote urine was kind of high ... then i thought to myself, how on earth would one go about collecting it?

hey! RAIN! just a little. but it all helps. not more than spit ... but it smells *wonderful.*

i just heard something!

thought to ponder for the day ... would it be better for the earth, if humankind finally did strike an ecological balance, or if humankind burned itself out and allowed other species to dominate?

first rose of the year:

first rose of the year, santa fe.

sorry! my zope instance got mysteriously 'stopped' last evening. looking into it.