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mon 20 may 02

seems like the winners of 'survivor: marquesas' should read their bibles (6:1 through 6:7). an apology and confession just won't cut it with the big kahuna upstairs.

international herald tribune: the u.s. ignored foreign warnings, too. read this one! "the text stated clearly that a major attack was planned inside the continental united states. it said aircraft would be used. but neither hijacking, nor, apparently, precise timing nor targets were named." hmmph. 'the big wedding,' indeed.

sorry for the download size, but they were worth compressing at 'high' ...

two shots, a visitor at my patio table yesterday, and sunset tonight:

sunset tonight. it only got better.

a visitor, at the patio table, yesterday.

ananova: blundering teacher mistakenly shows exam pupils internet porn. he's now on sick leave ... i'd question his overall intelligence, somehow.

ananova: bin laden thought to have had kidney transplant. i can't even think of an appropriate comment.

reuters: cipro resistance shows an 'alarming' climb in california. get the mustard plasters ready, martha. this ain't funny.

cnn: cassini's vision returns. everyone's fave radioactive slingshot can see again.

cnn: stripper's daughter allowed to return to school.

bbc: new calls for september 11 inquiry. as you dive through all these articles, it is interesting how everyone paraphrases everyone else ... in whichever partisan stripe they prefer.

bbc: u.s faces suicide bomb threat. i think if this happens, especially out west here, all hell will break loose.

msnbc: poll: public doesn't support 9/11 inquiry. huh? everyone i talk to wants to know what was going on, nonpartisan. i think i may just stop linking polls entirely, unless the exact questions are explicitly shown with correlating numbers and margins for error. how the questions are phrased is so vital to judging a poll ...

black world today: seminoles, native americans and african bloodlines. the history of biracial and triracial peoples in america is fascinating study, if you're up for it. try the delaware moors. alienation from all races breeds fierce independence.

ny times: stephen jay gould is dead at 60. evolution continues, however. i think he'd smile at that comment ...

freshmeat: xsl preprocessor, plp 3.14 [perl embedder], wesql 0.52 [sql-html].

o'reilly: poor sysadmin's guide to remote linux administration.

linux journal: linux system administration tools.

net-security: securing linux.

ny times: you read your book and i'll read mine. "despite what your high school english teacher may have told you, literature does not make us or our society better." i could not disagree more, but this author is specifically targeting 'literature,' when i'm thinking 'reading' in general.

ny times: try this obscure book, not that bestseller.

scotsman.com: taking the rap. "... a depressing thought for anyone who enjoys flicking through the racks of a record shop rather than playing 'click and highlight' with a computer mouse."

times of india: bush refuses to soften up on north korea. it is always interesting to see the swath our president cuts internationally. this bodes well, don't you think?

times of india: china to launch moon mission in 2010. space snails; i love it.

ny times op-ed: a quiet attack on women. tightening bankruptcy laws may disproportionately affect women more than men.

ny times op-ed: the floodgates have officially opened. even safire's calling for an independent commission to investigate events and information leading up to september 11. and, as i said here a couple of days ago, the situation didn't start with bush. we need to harken back into the clinton presidency, possibly even farther, before we can get a clear picture. placing blame doesn't help anything. plugging the holes does.

ny times: some language experts believe humans first spoke with gestures. i think it's true. i have friends and family who, if you tied their hands down, wouldn't be able to get a word out. [not scientific, but interesting to me.]

ny times: when backyards were laboratories. i, too, miss those days. as i've related here before, my time with a binocular microscope and mason jars of water from stony brook was golden.

ny times: cheney rejects broader access to terror brief. ah, the subtle fragrances of 'clinton stonewalling.' the last few paragraphs are rich.

santa fe new mexican: seems the 'storms' yesterday set off a slew of fires. it's quite fun to watch a storm build over the sandia crest, spin off westward, dumping rain ... but then seeing the rain disappear a few hundred feet above the ground. i've tried to capture it on digital, but the dynamic range seems less than film. i've not yet succeeded in getting a clear, recognizable shot so i can show you folks what it looks like. if nothing else, i'll grab it on film and then wait the week or so for photocd ...

reuters: angelina jolie gives $100,000 to myanmar refugees.

cnn: madeleine albright thinks bush foreign policy betrays 'bipolar disorder.'

crammed with work until wednesday, i believe. we'll see how postings go.