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tue 21 may 02

since i have nothing else to offer this evening, three more shots from yesterday. first, we had a little rain that fell during the night, leaving drops in the morning yesterday. second, another angle of that sunset yesterday later on in the evening. third, looking up at the moon yesterday evening.

there was a little precipitation, yesterday morning.

another angle on that sunset yesterday.

there's a moon up there.

stuff.nz: walk your budgie.

spiked: history has not yet begun.

bbc: china denies manned moon mission plans. the key word is 'manned.' i think someone may have assumed ...

santa fe new mexican: las campanas offers water deal. trading potable water for effluent, for golf course irrigation. also mentioned at the end of the article, we may move to 'stage 4' drought restrictions at the end of may ... and create a new level, stage 5. got any rain to send our way?

reuters: a "transvestite" ancient roman unearthed in britain. um, not really a transvestite. and really unearthed in 1981. drop the sensationalism, hmmm?

okay, i need to get about 25 domains out of verisign's clutches. who does everyone like for a domain registrant/manager? i haven't seen a 'consensus' on 'best domain registrar' yet. fire me an 'e' [over on the right; click my name] if you manage a similar # of domains ... i'm interested to know.

would anyone believe i haven't even read one news site today? i didn't think so. nevertheless, it's true. haven't had time.

happy b-day, audrey! i've been missing everyone's birthdays lately. got this one!

ah, the wind's not that bad. i just drove into town ... dodged a burlap sack, a bale of hay, a sofa, an rv ... nah, it's not bad. not bad at all. even some of our radio stations are off the air, presumably because the wind's knocked their antennae around.

AUUUGGGHHH!!!! stop the wind, please! i need to concentrate!

just so you know, we're getting beaten to death by high winds. the advisory says 40 mph; i'll eat a spare shoe if it's that low. it just ripped the stakes out from my aspen tree tie-downs; had to go out and re-set them. i hope they'll hold.

there's virtually nowhere in new mexico to hike or backpack, as of today. carson national forest has partially closed. i can forget wheeler peak for now. obviously they chose to close today because of the impending memorial day weekend.

yow, check out that green grass pic at calebos. until you've lived in the desert, you really don't realize how *hard* it is to grow good grass. different perspectives, huh?

preparing for a 9 am gig tomorrow. few postings, if any, today.