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sat 25 may 02

well, i was down in albuquerque for most of the day, doing things i won't relate here (bore you to death), but i swung by r.e.i. and guess what? place was jammed. everyone whispering: "new mexico forests may be closed, but we'll be over in colorado! betcha nobody's thought of that yet!" when they arrive, the other 80,000 people from new mexico will clue them in, no doubt ...


slashdot: extreme cooling.

new york times: the fine art of being an air marshall.

kim komando: websites honoring the war dead, for memorial day weekend.

washington post: court rejects parts of e.p.a. haze plan. "... the u.s. court of appeals for the district of columbia held that the plan would improperly force power plants and factories to install expensive pollution control equipment without "any empirical evidence" they were contributing to the problem." oh, horsefeathers. a total cop-out.

policy review online: power and weakness.

telegraph.uk: i've heard the future of music ... and it's indian.

i can only get the times of india front page today; that's wild enough. "calling the bluff: has u.s. seized pak n-arms?" i dearly hope they're not seriously believing this.

ny times editorial: heading off nuclear terrorism.

ny times editorial: a fight for the history books. we 'hired' the presidents; we're allowed to see what went on.

ny times letters to the editor: women's choices, the more the better.

ny times home & garden: daniel boone does the ramble.

athanasius kircher links, with a geoscience bias.

athanasius kircher on the web.

ny times: a postmodernist of the 1600's is back in fashion.

new york times: the gas goes in the frame. new motorcycles; just don't get hit.

ny times: japan cuts whaling rights for native peoples of the arctic. "more than 10,000 people depend on those whales. it's 80 percent of our diet. we need the blubber to keep our blood thick in the intense cold. without it, we're in trouble." i'd boycott japanese products for this, easily. you don't play politics with people's essential food supplies.

ny times: nuke treaty doesn't reduce threat. "it does not move us beyond mutual assured destruction."

ny times: stock advisor knew about 9/11 attacks, u.s. suggests. it was the obvious conclusion (as i mentioned the other day). but one can name-call all they want; proof is required.

krqe has all the poop on the borrego fire, including maps and such.

go outside early this morning, take in a huge lungful of air ... and smell smoke. i guess the nightly winds, or temperature shifts, spread the plume southwards.