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sun 26 may 02

evening news reports the borrego fire is slowing down; it's climbing up into higher elevations, away from the ponderosa pine forests. 10,000+ acres burned, 15% containment.

slate: dispatches from the santa fe drought. author hits it on the nailhead. thanks, j.p.

duty calls. back later, maybe.

the times of india today seems to have recovered a semblance of common sense. yesterday's headline somewhat unnerved me ...

new york times editorial: the past as prelude. "until washington and the nation fully comprehend what went wrong before the attacks, they cannot identify and fix the problems that remain today."

ny times: from the public, a strong voice for rebuilding the twin towers. if rebuilt, who would rent, and if rented, who would work? [even bigger question: who would insure?] the public's wish for a 'return to normalcy' is quaint, but not exactly dealing with current issues.

ny times: agent's role in inquiries questioned.

ny times: fighting to live as the towers died. heartrending, harrowing, horrible.

ny times: as forest homes rise, keen eyes see smoke. the return of the fire lookout tower as a first line of defense against forest fires.

can't find updates on the borrego fire at the moment. i don't smell smoke this morning, and the sky has a haze to it, so i can't tell if there's a plume to the north.

cnn: art of travel, new york city street photos.

happy birthday, craig.

i had the best steak in years last evening, in albuquerque. really outstanding. slept good, too.