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mon 27 may 02

off to other things.

times of india: pakistan secretly increasing nuclear stockpile. i'm beginning to think the times of india is an 'enquirer' rag, not an authoritative one ... based on the headline two days ago, and this. time to find another asian source.

new york times opinion: drowning out the sounds of surf. rather than destroy our parks, how 'bout some enterprising entrepreneurs build reservoirs and snowmobile race tracks instead?

new york times opinion: safire, the rowley memo. i hadn't thought about the wen ho lee 'ethnic profile' angle.

new york times: canadian geese love new jersey. notice the trend. notice noone even dreams of reintroducing predators. even the animal rights folks promote the use of 'turf repellent' ... more chemicals, beyond the already-overused lawn fertilizers that are fowling our watercourses.

new york times: a libel suit may establish e-jurisdiction. an important read; what we post in our weblogs may eventually become actionable.

new york times: fbi inaction blurred picture before sept. 11. this is becoming patently obvious.

believe it or not, we had some rain last night. still cloudy today. it may be memorial day weekend, but bring on the rain, baby ...

happy 'memorial day.'