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wed 29 may 02

msnbc: 10 million facing starvation in africa. if you click the link, see if you got the same ironic large middle-page ad i did ... "e-diets, lose ten pounds."

ananova: scientists find extinct amazon bird. 45 years. maybe there's hope for our american ivory-billed woodpecker ...

ananova: researchers hail success of monkey h.i.v. vaccine. wow, this should be big news, if it's authoritative.

ananova: someone's going to take me apart for posting this ... devout catholics show symptoms of compulsive disorder.

the american prospect: pride (in the name of markets). well said!

upi: is your hippocampus shrinking? brain scan shows who will get alzheimer's.

cosmiverse: snowmobiles can stress wildlife. one would imagine this is true, but it must be studied and recorded in a scholarly fashion before common sense prevails.

upi: heart attack genes discovered.

steelvillage: u.s. blocks e.c. panel on steel. "... conveyed their common view that u.s. measures on steel were contrary to w.t.o. requirements and called for immediate termination."

guardian.uk: advertising and journalism top poll of least respected professions. journalist is *almost* worse than lawyer.

bbc: cycling tsar mocks 'martian' helmets. pretty funny, actually. i wear a helmet when tied into clipless pedals, mountain biking, or dicing with traffic. the rest of the time, i don't. my choice, my responsibility.

boston.com: national parks show wear and tear. bad on one hand, good on the other. at least they won't be building new roads and more asphalt trails, tearing apart the flora and fauna.

nj.com: bustle of activity at u.s. base in central asia shows troops nowhere near leaving.

black world today: u.s. undermining its human rights stance, says watchdog.

ha'aretz: living as hostages of hatred and racism.

the register: linux distros to unite. ganging up on red hat?

washington post: cantor fitzgerald uses 9/11 in new ads. guess i'll have to see one before i judge.

the american prospect: george w., poll junkie.

bbc: faces from the ice age.

that must've been one hell of a birthday over at booknotes.

reuters: my assistants and i used to argue about this: "do you have to be completely whacked to be a great artist?" apparently, sometimes you might. which opens up the whole hillman-esque can of worms ... are we 'prozac'-ing our creativity away? creatives find ways to 'use' their traumas ... though, thinking of jackson pollock, 'using the trauma' can result in a less-than-auspicious end.

the roman colosseum on the web.

krqe.com: 'no burn' policies to blame for catastrophic fires. well, at least someone has the guts to say it publicly.

freshmeat: phpobjectforms 1.0, the gimp 1.3.6.

o'reilly: seven security problems of 802.11 wireless.

ozhardware: to raid or not to raid.

nandotimes: nevadans believe fight against nuclear waste site may be lost.

iht: the secrets of the amish.

bbc: euro call for elgin marbles return.

slashdot: lowercasesound. a system 6 website.

dp review: three new nikon digicams, and a ring light.

city-journal.org: the americanization of irving berlin.

washington post: mega hurts. clear channel communications is losing money. somehow, i can't help but consider this good news. maybe we'll get local radio back again?

santa fe new mexican: more water issues to be discussed today. effluent swap, and stage five. las campanas rings with the marie antoinette statement, 'let them eat cake.' as the reservoir dwindles, the french revolution may repeat itself, guillotine and all ...

ny times editorial: a narrow view of federal power. "... supporters of this extreme, and sadly ascendant, view of sovereign immunity pay too little attention to the other dignity interest at stake: the dignity that individuals are deprived of when states trample on their rights with impunity." if wallace was back in the governor's mansion, and state police preventing minorities from attending college, how would you feel about this? personally, i prefer a strong federal government over 'states rights.'

ny times letters to the editor: writers and truth.

ny times: new medicines seldom contain anything new, study finds. "two-thirds of the drugs approved from 1989 to 2000 were modified versions of existing drugs or even identical to those already on the market ..." the great pharmaceutical industry scam. and this: "the modified drugs also provide a high return on investment, the study stated, since developing them is much less expensive and also less time-consuming than trying to find a new medicine." profit motive turns them into marketing companies; bottom line is more important than actually benefitting mankind.

one has to wonder about the media's fact-checking mechanisms. the pt boat story, the libyans ... there have been others over the last couple of weeks ...

libya: did they, or didn't they?

reuters: claudia schiffer and her new hubby will be moving into a haunted mansion. all they need is scooby-doo ...

reuters: boy, folks in new york must be on edge. a popped manhole cover never used to garner this much angst. maybe it was that godzilla movie, come to think of it.

moscow times: it's funny how you just randomly run across interesting things. global eye - prior engagement. "and what is the prize? dominance of the central asian oil fields. whoever controls them will control the two biggest economies of the 21st century: china and india. the potential wealth is staggering, incalculable." nice inclusion of appropriate on-subject links below the article. you may not agree with the body of the article, but for layout, this online rag does it right.

cnn: robert ballard may have discovered the remains of pt-109. the ny times reports the boat is pt-109.

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