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fri 31 may 02

cnn: shot mountain lion had eaten dog. that's supposed to make the shooting ok? we've got a couple hundred coyotes out here that fit the same profile, only these have eaten cats, too. a shame they couldn't have trapped and relocated the beast.

cnn: the financial health of our supreme court justices. quite healthy, indeed.

it may be hot, but the roses seem happy:

rose, may 30.

looks like we might be breaking heat records here. albuquerque's already tied the high, set last year. global warming in action, folks.

ananova: organic farming is more efficient. so, will 'chemical' farming reform?

zdnet.uk: a u.s. conservative think-tank to release a study that open-source software is less secure than proprietary solutions.

cnn: american e-waste harming china. recycle your pc.

topxml: using xslt for dhtml menus.

voa: terrorism and the environment. nothing like a little depleted uranium in your spotted owl cacciatore.

the american prospect: who gets to retire?

cosmiverse: anti-smoking ads backfire.

cosmiverse: bacteria can communicate over distance. 802.11bacteria?

voa: majority of muslim-americans have experienced harrassment post-sept. 11.

iwon: we may see an increase in the price of japanese autos, thanks to japanese steelmakers.

netimperative: jupiter hails trillian.

washington post: washington d.c. handgun ban challenged in court. i wonder how comfy john ashcroft would be with average folks mincing into the department of justice armed with concealed weapons.

telegraph.uk: grace and elegance are back. grace kelly, i'll buy. that android on the right, however ... blech.

washington post: spinning spider silk from goats.

wallace's farmer: corn off to the poorest start on record.

freshmeat: the logging project 0.3, mailto.php 1.2.0, ggv 1.1.96 [front end for ghostscript].

pc world: transmeta unveils plans for 256-bit microprocessor.

the register: server sales slump in q1.

guardian.uk: the last tasmanian aborigine is laid to rest.

cnet news.com: federal judges overturn u.s. library porn law.

medicine and madison avenue homepage.

independent online: e.u. support for kyoto signed and sealed.

popular mechanics: sept. 11 air traffic shutdown caused temporary climate changes.

guardian.uk: bbc defends upcoming drama about potential dangers of gm crops. "the drama suggests that antibiotic resistant genes could leap from crops to animals and humans, leading to an outbreak of a 'superbug'." just a side note; inhaled dust is a very effective means of transmitting disease.

guardian.uk: wildflowers study gives clear evidence of global warming.

setting up a lan and web host with mandrake.

low end bsd.

zdnet: ms sounds alarm, labels exchange security vulnerability as 'critical.'

history of palestine. i was looking for a link between canaanite and palestinian, and found this.

the spectator.uk: watch what you say about picasso. how can there be objectivity without critique?

faz: a tabernacle to the art of gutenberg. the new dresden library.

nandotimes: eminem's latest cd may prove out the notion that online file swapping helps cd sales.

new york times letters to the editor: jefferson, hemings, and the writing of history.

new york times editorial: an erosion of civil liberties. i know it's a fine line, folks, but probable cause ... probable cause.

new york times op-ed: a narrowed right to challenge the states. an important read, on the latest supreme court decision.

new york times books: the paradox of american power.

new york times: california's a might peeved at the bush/florida oil drilling buyback. exposing it as the purely political move it is?

new york times: britain tightens immigration laws.

new york times: review of 'the sum of all fears.' i disdain affleck.

santa fe new mexican: holding steady. our reservoirs are at 26%. ouch. the front page has a photo.

cnn: indiana jones to return for a fourth instalment.

sunlight hit my eyes at six this a.m., so here i am ... working while it's still cool.