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sun 02 jun 02

ack. wood s lot seems to be missing in action?

kottke shifts to moveable type. i'll be interested to follow his experience.

gotta run. back later.

zdnet: law enforcement on a borderless web.

freshmeat: mod_survey 3.0.12.

environmental news network: environmentalists threaten to sue e.p.a. to force tougher air quality standards.

washington post: in alabama, a 'hot spot' in the debate over clean air.

update to wheatblog beta.

times of india: much ado about nuclear doomsday. i found this entertaining. cnn's sudden 'discovery' of the nuclear threat on thursday (making it front and center on the home page), when we've been discussing it for weeks on our weblogs, makes this particularly on-point.

ny times letters to the editor: nuclear brinksmanship.

ny times op-ed: america's favorite tv fare: the normals vs. the stigmatized. "... no matter how defective they appear, they have achieved the ultimate form of acceptance in america today: they have appeared on television."

ny times: oh, i'll have to be watching rec.backcountry for the discussion about this. following all the rules in a close encounter with a grizzly. there has been huge debate in the newsgroup, as i've mentioned before, that bear spray merely annoys the bear, spicing their soon-to-be human meal. water! i can't wait ...

ny times: u.s. will resume production of nuclear warhead triggers. plutonium; a dirty business. i fear they may volunteer los alamos for this.

ny times: new study adds to debate on pesticide. atrazine. contrast this brouhaha to the findings about organic farming, yesterday.

ny times: interesting reading, the post-9/11 mystery rash.

ny times: the e.p.a. says toxic chemicals are a cancer risk. i'm surprised anyone would be surprised. here's the e.p.a.'s website. the times still isn't making links live; i'll save you the copy-and-paste. beware the e.p.a. maps; i requested 'new mexico, diesel particulates' and got 'west virginia, benzene.' go figure.

reuters: al-qaeda advises america to 'put on your seat belt.'

reuters: cia knew two al-qaeda operatives were in u.s., in january of 2000. well, that's like breathing in a vacuum, isn't it?

cnn: missing hikers found in colorado wilderness. from the description here, one wonders if they even had a map and compass.

a bit cloudy this morning, but burning off. the heat's kicking in a little late. we're hitting the middle 90's (probably a cool breeze to hal, however).