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mon 03 jun 02

reuters says, "egypt says it warned u.s. of attack." truthout.org has a report dated december, 2001 on the same subject. and the middle east times has an article on this subject dated september 12, 2001. that doesn't sound like burnishing the image to me. focus on the last couple of paragraphs of the middle east times article. interesting. also, this took two seconds of googling to find; can't other online media sources do this?

sacramento bee: i found this article from last year. if you want to understand why forest fires are so severe, and so common in the west (in spite of drought), look no farther. you've heard me go on and on about how the pecos wilderness is choked with dead wood. i'll leave the article to speak to the current issues, and the prejudices, between 'environmentalism' and 'loggers.' sometimes, entrepreneurship can find opportunities, too.

top xml: xml-ify your stored procedures.

wall street journal, opinionjournal says, "connect the anthrax dots." another terrorist attack permutation to concern ourselves with.

scientific american: the 'cheerleading' brain signal.

nature: teen pregnancy drops during summer holidays. this will, no doubt, bolster the single-sex education movement.

bbc: wto launches steel tariff probe. and, while i'm at it ... national center for policy analysis: steel tariffs boomerang on americans.

guardian.uk: u.s. professor under fire for book on guns. to claim that only 14% of pioneers had firearms stretches things a bit too thin, bending enough to break even the imagination of the anti-gun lobby, i should think. there's a statistic floating around in my head, that more innocents were killed by misfires than were ever shot by plains indians. i'll have to dig it up sometime.

cancerfacts: vitamin e may prevent or treat prostate cancer.

all africa.com: opinion, the poor don't need g.m. crops. read the entire article, find the inaccuracies, find the truths. i've seen elsewhere the opinion that g.m. seeds are just another way to line the pockets of the affluent.

nj.com: the biotech lobby's clout grows.

miami.com: c.i.a. spread a lot of cash in hunt for bin laden. "the cia's small army of operatives often has worked less like james bond than like bagmen, handing out bundles of $100 bills - often with sequential serial numbers - to buy intelligence and support."

nj.com: is there anyone left to fight in eastern afghanistan? sounds like they're working from significantly old intelligence.

freshmeat: bug fixes for sendmail.

gween. a mason-like template system for php.

cnet: pop-under ads, patented?

ananova: scientists create functioning artificial kidneys ... for cows.

ananova: scientists ponder why kangaroos fart less than sheep. i'm not kidding ... that's the headline.

ananova: ozzy about to nosh on kermit the frog. his legs might be tastier, but then ozzy isn't french ...

ny times: prisons do not deter crime. stats on rearrest and recidivism.

ny times: couple accused of killing tourists. careful at your beach condo this year.

reuters: another energy-trading firm executive takes his life. the enron cancer spread widely; "blood washes away guilt"? we'll see. the truth will out.

cnn: new bruce springsteen (and the e-street band) album in july.

cnn: june 4 is the 60th anniversary of the battle of midway. honor the men in the torpedo bombers. it was their sacrifice that gave america victory.

my grandmother is doing a little better today. jury's still out, however. thanks, everyone.

link-rel changed for rss+xml.

paradox1x is in moveable type now, too. mass exodus? not here. not yet, anyway.

may 29th common dreams: stephen jay gould's battle against racism. disproving 'the bell curve.'

globe and mail: of free speech, jihad, and harvard racism.

zdnet: india restores internet access in kashmir. any webloggers there?

wwf: this used to be my playground. "accommodating bureaucrats and lax environmental regulations meant that almost all the industrial plants were established without provision for any waste minimization or management facilities." if you think the third world is the only place this kind of thing happens, remember 'erin brockovitch.' it's happening right now, maybe near you.

freshmeat: php function acl 1.2, advanced bash scripting guide 1.3, apache::admin::config 0.21, mimedefang 2.14 [windows].

nature: the universe is a computer.

the register: why net filtering is an abomination.

amd: four-way multiprocessing with the amd opteron. also, from the register, the hardware world loves the amd opteron.

pgts.com: examining apache logfiles with perl.

use perl: perl 5.8.0 rc 1 released.

washington post: henry potter dies at 83. navigator for the famed 'doolittle raid' four months after pearl harbor. rest in peace; you are remembered.

washington post: in new mexico, richardson gets a free pass. watch the next few months, and watch sanchez. only santa fe is dyed-in-the-wool liberal; the rest of the state leans conservative.

washington post: campaign finance reform will benefit republicans over democrats.

o'reilly linux devcenter: the sharp zaurus - a loverly little computer.

serverwatch: review of openlinux.

aynik: solaris 9: initial experience.

my aggregators are replete with 'napster in bankruptcy' links, so i assume you will have read the scoop.

you can reach wood s lot here.

philly inquirer: book review, "survival of the fittest." dawkins vs. gould.

national post: blockbusters, an annual vacation from intelligence? bad form, to lump 'the matrix' in with all this.

this is london: the british museum, in danger.

guardian.uk: another blaze at buckingham palace.

ny times op-ed: safire rips ashcroft. excellent, and worth the read.

thinking further, we should have every kid learn to ride on rollers. no more weaving around the road, vastly improved efficiency.

even so, i miss manhattan, sometimes.

so i'm testy about biking and cars. i've been rolled on the hood more than once from idiotic cabbies swooping for prospective passengers. bruises, no breaks, thank goodness. come to think of it, also as a pedestrian in a crosswalk ...

ny times letters to the editor: bicycles a menace? surely you mean cars. nothing's much more dangerous than bicycling on walking paths. ring a bell (or yell), and it's a 50/50 shot the walkers will move in a predictable direction. one must *always* slow down, or risk serious injury. bikes have a right to the open road, just the same as cars (and trucks, horses, etc. see the uniform vehicle code). it's where they belong. but it's the mental state of drivers that threatens bicyclists [the 'righteousness' of life-and-death power], driving them onto the more dangerous sidewalk. sure, we have our share of whacked-out bicyclists who insist on riding facing traffic (thinking it's "safer" ... wrong. almost 25% of bike/car accidents are the result of facing traffic.), and bike messengers in manhattan who split lanes ... but simple education and law enforcement can usually correct those tendencies. don't even get me started about 'bike lanes' ... the recent upsurge in rollerbladers (ignorant of brake use) has made them quite entertaining, if you enjoyed 'rollerball' ...

ny times letters to the editor: executing the young, in iran, congo ... and texas.

ny times books: poems foster self-discovery. "so much of life falls between the seams of the sayable."

ny times: switzerland lifts restrictions on abortion.

ny times: no-church zoning district. oh, this is going to be interesting.

ny times: u.s. releases climate report. ugh. "... seeing the disruption of snow-fed water supplies, more stifling heat waves and the permanent disappearance of rocky mountain meadows and coastal marshes ..." a huge percentage of santa fe's water is from snow-fed runoff, stored in reservoirs at the foot of the mountains. i can't even discuss the rest of this report in a civil tone, so i won't. but the lead new york times editorial takes a good stab, while remaining civil.

ny times: cia was tracking hijacker months earlier than previously admitted. more in-depth than the other article i linked over the weekend.

santa fe new mexican: councilor pfeffer suggests simpler water restrictions. nice thought, but i conserve water whether there's a drought or not. to limit my household to 50% of last year ... would be pretty dire. sponge baths instead of a navy shower? well, we'll see, i guess.

web window killer (pc) looks interesting, for those with opera and ie.

reuters: two killed as skydiver smashes through glider. what a nightmare.

reuters: musharraf keen on talks with india, welcomes putin as mediator. more politically palatable than being perceived as a vassal state of america, i would assume.

cnn: fires force evacuations in western u.s. burned toast has more moisture than we've got out west here ...

phones have been ringing like crazy, this sunny monday morn.