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wed 05 jun 02

deskmod: i like the pinball theme, now.

reuters: nice shot of the space shuttle.

am i crazy, or has moveable type restored karl's joy of weblogging?

mozilla 1.0. yahoo! the windows zip file doesn't seem to be working at present.

realgoods renewable energy catalog. neat stuff.

the register: gopher holes in internet explorer.

alertnet: that oil spill in the galapagos killed 62% of the iguanas.

cnn: australia rejects kyoto treaty.

dp review: first fujifilm s2 pro samples. some comparisons, too.

newsforge: elx, "everyone's linux."

wired: did microsoft pay for open-source scare?.

linux gazette: improving hard disk performance with hdparam.

this is london: this age of unenlightenment.

la times: beyond the human toll, history and artifacts lost.

ny times letters to the editor: india's restraint.

ny times: a friendship in letters, bound by gardens.

ny times: president distances himself from global warming report.

ny times: gains of '90's did not lift all, census shows.

it's going to be a strange posting day here; many meetings, much production. you might be better served elsewhere.

cnn: journal of the american medical association says, don't believe everything you read.

cold this morning! not even 50.