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thu 06 jun 02

ah, i feel the need for a little zhuangzi. "we lose our carefree nature by separating our minds into cubicles and stuffing them full of knowledge. we should strive to break these boundaries and transcend knowledge."

the times.uk letters to the editor: benefits and risks of gm crops.

builder.com: ten commandments of egoless programming.

slashdot: blogging for dummies. why bother commenting? i'm a mindless link propagator.

silicon valley.com: archaeologists find ancient native american canals. seven miles long, in florida. "... show evidence of greater complexity in native american society than previously suspected." sniff. go to chaco canyon, fellas. go to chaco.

nj.com: u.s. designates russia as a market economy, a decade after the collapse of communism.

nj.com: welcome to cameron park, texas. the poorest spot in america.

iwon: perot subpoenaed by california attorney general. "... it received a subpoena ... [snip] ... related to allegations it showed power companies how to exploit loopholes in the state's energy trading system." if true, what a prez he would have made.

nj.com: outbreak of hemorrhagic fever at the afghan/iran border. okay, is osama following a tom clancy book? well, probably not. but apparently this illness can be transmitted by sneezing ... aerosol. remember that plot. more from the independent online.

the indian express: "in this chicken game, india knows its way." read this one.

nj.com: german lawmakers agree to tighten gun laws in wake of school shooting. raising the ages, and outlawing pump shotguns.

black world today: pentagon to close only u.s. peacekeeping institute. "during his presidential campaign, bush said he opposed u.s. participation in peacekeeping because it reduced military readiness and morale."

freshmeat: of course, i had to link this one, ms. belfridge. are you being served? 0.1.0.

unixreview seems to like crossover office. even if running office doesn't interest you, crossover plug-in might.

slashdot: the first reviews of mozilla 1.0 roll in. the usual selection of vitriol and intelligence. others watch wrestling, i read slashdot. ie6 vs. mozilla 1.0! hulk hogan vs. the rock!

cnet: start-up reveals the skinny on screens. oh, yeah. 0.3 millimeters.

platts. now *that's* a blast from the past. first computer gig i had was working for platts oilgram news. the mcgraw-hill building in manhattan, i believe. a jacquard distributed system, teletypes. paste-up. a fax machine the size of your average washing machine. kharg island. was constantly hearing about kharg island. the iraq/iran war was on at that time. wow. well, i'll have to put them in my links list. they get good information, fast.

platts: u.s. democrats ask bush to clarify position on global warming.

pgts: generating a list of links with postgres and perl.

linuxplanet: taking up the slack(ware).

i found some good information on php traveller.

linux journal: book review, web development with apache and perl.

that's it, for a while.

freshmeat: php/asp formmail 1.8, skunkweb 3.2.1 [python].

slashdot: community sets up their own dsl.

the register: hotmail now charges for pop email.

the register: bind 9 denial of service vulnerability.

iwon: moderate el niño to evolve through 2002.

nasa earth observatory: air-sampling study id's source of excessive ozone pollution.

newsforge: security through obsolescence.

newsforge: lwn.net redesigns.

roll call: delay sees progress from cnn. pffft.

zdnet: shakira worm rocks the net.

pop politics looks at the abercrombie & fitch t-shirt dustup. high-handed analysis. imagine, if you will, these t-shirts were done with another race, with equivalent images and period slogans ... say, an african-american picking cotton, for instance, or a jew as a moneychanger? controversy to grow brand awareness has been done for quite a while, and it seems to have worked for a & f in this case. the question is, do we believe racial stereotypes are appropriate for this purpose? you've got a big 'no' vote here.

busy again today. i'm reading the news, but nothing's sticking. that is, nothing's grabbing me enough to link.

ny times: safire, what else are we missing? he still wants iraq, but his point is well-taken.

ny times: health insurers are seeking a 20% hike in rates. holey moley. that may put it out of my reach, as a small business.

ny times: states accuse bristol-myers squibb of fraud. taxol.

ny times: bush to seek cabinet-level domestic security office.

santa fe new mexican: the drought is bringing the bears down out of the mountains. personally, i'm having a problem with ground squirrels eating valuable plantings (that they ignored in previous years). all my attempts at control are not working ... if anyone has any brilliant ideas, i'd be happy to hear 'em.

miss me? that's the second time in two weeks that zope has decided to 'stop' itself. wasn't touching it, wasn't anywhere near the jail or management interface. strange. may have something to do with the server upgrade? who knows. a big thanks to billsaysthis for informing me of the outage.