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fri 07 jun 02

a dinner party tonight. steaks, great conversation ... and two friendly humongous wolfhounds.

yahoo news: beijing's most popular newspaper falls for a gag headline in 'the onion.' funny, but points up an interesting point ... how does one tell an 'authoritative' source if you come from another culture?

reuters: looks like our long-time online pundits were wrong, huh? online personals the 'killer app' of the internet.

reuters: a 'natural born killer,' dogged by a british cabbie.

middens of kimolos: pygoogle.

webref: scroll down. book review, web performance tuning.

billsaysthis: info on the vaxgen aids vaccine, and the article from scientific american.

philly.com: doctors behaving badly may drive nurses away.

freshmeat: gfilerunner 0.3.2, f-script 1.2.2 [os x].

slashdot: first benchmarks of amd hammer prototype.

wired: do dots connect to a police state?


platts: greenpeace demands oil giants invest in renewable sector. if the government won't do it, the megacorporations should.

earthvision: altering air traffic patterns reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

trillian 0.73.

linux journal: visual development with qt 3.0.

washington times: g.o.p. 'in political shock' over card's magazine leak. what a card. the excerpt from esquire.

zdnet.uk: red faces and the dangers of missent email.

university of chicago: the philosophy of punctuation. and here i am linking it, one of the great malefactors of punctuation. i'm going to wean myself from ellipses, really.

village voice: frida icon. mass-marketing frida? when there are so many vital and excellent female hispanic artists out there?

my earthlink dialup seems to be down at the moment. i keep two isp accounts; one national, one local. rarely have both dialups been down at the same time, luckily. later: even the mail server seems to be down.

the noodle incident: text sizing. via metafilter.

new york times letters to the editor: who buys guns at gun shows? "simply put, the gun show loophole results in a dangerous double standard that allows private sellers (a.k.a. "hobbyists") to sell their wares at gun shows without conducting a background check on prospective buyers." quote any stats you want, make any case you want ... the issue has had so much publicity over the last year or so that if i were a criminal, disgruntled schoolkid or terrorist, i know i can go to any gun show and acquire what i need without a background check. the publicity has made gun shows *very* popular. statistics won't show this effect for another year or so. one would assume the f.b.i. pulls a full-court press for any local gun show ... but maybe that's too great an assumption.

ny times: joe shmoe from sheboygan eats bratwurst.

ny times: the mineralogy of manhattan.

ny times: casting a line, catching yourself. learning to fly fish. a sport that's popular here in northern new mexico, but for our drought conditions.

ny times: martha stewart, consummate homemaker and insider trader?

ny times: house backs permanent end to estate tax. in our current 'down' economy, reducing revenues is a bit insane, no?

santa fe new mexican: two pueblo kids burned the historic san diego catholic church in tesuque. "that ain't my ... religion. it's a slave religion."

santa fe new mexican: a section of the rio grande in albuquerque has gone dry.

i'm having bloggus interruptus this morning.

reuters: steiglitz show a snapshot of photographic history. speaking of which, i have a copy of 'behind the curtain' now at http://www.photo-secession.org, in preparation for a new btc project. don't link to it; urls will be changing. the idea is together; i just need time to create the site.

yahoo news: mohammed atta tried to get a government loan to purchase a cropduster ... ? i feel like we were sitting ducks.

a fresh, clean breeze this morning. ah ...