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wed 12 jun 02

6/15 ... the latest on our fires.

6/14 ... another fire, just north of roybal. the trampas fire. i see another smoke plume, and if you use your imagination, it's just to the left of the one in the photo below (one foothill to the left). seems like the pecos valley's getting socked. this one may be on hamilton mesa, a popular hiking/backpacking spot. damn.

just an offhand comment ... setting up 'ctrl-click' to open a new tab, and 'open links in background' is a mildly mind-blowing convenience in mozilla. i like it. i can keep reading one article, while loading another, without any window flipping and flashing madness ...

it's up to about 1200 acres now, in less than 24 hours. colorado complains about 500 acres a day; we've been losing 1,000's of acres a day in these fires. but then, we don't have a denver for folks to get all paranoid about.

photo of the roybal fire, 6/13/02 at about 7:30 in the evening:

roybal fire, from the front porch.

later: not as close as first reported. over near cow creek; more northeast of pecos. 200 acres and growing fast. sparks are starting many other satellite blazes.

6/13: a new fire's sprung up near me, closer than the dalton fire. about ten miles away, as the crow flies? workin' hard, breathin' smoke ...

well, folks, the result of all those meetings yesterday is ... i'm swamped. i've got enough work to fill my entire days and nights for the next two weeks. the issue is, deadlines. so dangerousmeta! will be on a back burner (for real), for a while. i must apologize to my regulars, but i will be back. i may post occasionally, but i'm hard up against the wall in production time. some have often wondered how i can link so much, and remain productive. well, in a pinch, i cannot do both to my satisfaction. i'll be back soon!

the big problem is, most of this is 'drudge' html work. weblogging is much more attractive, and insidiously drains away valuable time and brain-power ... so i must go 'cold turkey.' it's 10:30, and the withdrawal symptoms are already setting in ...