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thu 20 jun 02

netflix has ten new distribution centers ... one in denver! my local video place has 'five dvds, five days, five bucks' going at the moment, for non-recent-releases. i'll have to check out the selection again at netflix. thanks, broomeman.

that's enough for today. i can't stomach starting up any of the aggregators yet. back to work.

slate: the great and powerful schnoz. on judging wines. after having a really bad '93' pointer, i compare reviews before judging. and retain labels.

the american prospect: creating a lie. debunking sylvia ann hewlett's creating a life: professional women and the quest for children. i doubt the mainstream news media will publish this little tidbit: "an older woman will see her fertility jump if she selects a younger man ..."

smh.co.au: "watching a movie or television program with strong sexual references interferes with people's ability to remember the commercials in such programs, according to research." apparently sex and violence do not 'sell'. commercial television will, no doubt, adapt.

archaeology magazine: cultural loss in lower manhattan.

times of india: two scientists, japanese and chinese, arrested for spying.

times of india: apartheid lawsuits filed against u.s. and swiss banks. the world perceives america not just by our government, but by our corporations and financial institutions, too. given recent corporate behavior, i doubt we're putting our best foot forward [tongue firmly in cheek].

after reading eco's "focault's pendulum," i have a weakness for grail sites. none can ever even approach eco's work, but conspiranoia buffs should really drop the ufo and kennedy assassination bunkum, and get with the grandfather of the genre ...

ny times books: a scholar recants on his 'shakespeare' discovery.

ny times tech: the librarian's web dilemma. "in the 12 public libraries serving the city and its county in south carolina, adults were looking for pornographic images online and didn't care who saw them ..." this sucks. i so enjoyed having a large library around when i was a kid. but then again, i read like a fiend. but i'd like to pose this question: what's different between an adult showing a child pornography, or an adult flashing a child? which adult is more likely to be warped?

santa fe new mexican: trampas fire explodes. one mile of forest an hour.

santa fe new mexican: chronic wasting disease hits new mexico. so, what do they feed those animals in game parks?

the federation of american scientists injects some hard facts into the 'dirty bomb' debate. read this one. note, they didn't mention plutonium; much more deadly ... and available on the world market.

reuters: pesticide, estrogen cause abnormal breast tissue growth in rats. but provides some circumstantial evidence for the same effect in humans.

reuters: supreme court bars execution of the mentally retarded. a proper and moral move. on the flip side, i've got to wonder how many inmates are going to be begging for psychs to declare them mentally unstable - and thereby creating a whole new profit-center for attorneys.

i always thought 'pundit' meant 'critic' or 'learned man.' try any of them on the google search list, and see if you agree. seems more the former than the latter. personally, i prefer the pun; as someone said, 'one must strike while the irony is hot.'

reminder: for those who link to 'behind the curtain', i've moved it to a domain, www.photo-secession.org. for those who took part, i'll be sending an email about it soon. as i've mentioned before, there's another in the works.

a little breather in the work schedule. well, to be honest, an artificial breather. [read down]

with all the fires in new mexico right now, life here is getting pretty dry. literally and figuratively. during the day, blistering sun. distant mountains completely obscured by smoke. burnt umber sunsets. every night, i throw open all the windows in the casa here to allow as much cooling night air in as possible. but then, around 3-4 in the morning, an intruder lurks. smoke and wind. the night wind spreads smoke from all the new mexican fires. instead of billowing straight up in the sky, at night it gets trapped under (what i imagine are) thermal layers, spreading it wide and close to the ground. it's been this way for the past two weeks ... some nights worse, some nights better. i haven't slept the whole night through since these fires started.

last night, i woke up choking. slammed all the windows shut, but once you're soaked in smoke, there's not much you can do (sans air conditioning) to change the situation. add to that the end-of-june heat (90's-100's), inhumanly low humidity ... and every part of your body begins to feel like 50 year old waxed paper. bleeding sinuses. bloodshot eyes. cough.

then, of course, there's the consummate joy of having almost constant slurry bombers flying overhead. i believe there's a good reason 'our greatest generation' are deaf as doornails. if they served in world war 2, they've been pummelled by the constant droning of four engine prop bombers. i seem to live right under the optimum flight path for most fires. now, i love world war 2 planes as much as anyone who built all the models, read all the books. but day-in, day-out, every ten minutes ... while trying to program ... add the occasional fire helicopter to that (WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP) ... and you get the idea.