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fri 21 jun 02

ananova: archaeological remnants of extraterrestrials in china? sounds like an episode of 'stargate' ...

reuters: f.b.i. warns of attacks with fuel trucks.

obviously, cnn feels new mexico doesn't rate. "on cnn tv: live from ..." with carol lin, headline: "wildfires rage in colorado and arizona." i guess we're just chopped liver ... even though four new ones have sprung up near socorro.

... and i see david c-t's got his job back. no doubt a jumble of conflicting emotions there.

happy five to audrey and hal.

dave is back!

i just downloaded pmachine free 2.1 to try it out. i'm quite impressed. using my phpwebhosting account, i set it up in fifteen minutes, from download to full functional install. now to read the documentation, and see what this baby can really do.

ok, i'm officially excited. comcast cable has sprayed and flagged the road outside my house. cable modems are coming!

the american prospect: playing right wing. oh, for heaven's sake ... "a sport that is 'for bureaucrats, socialists and overbearing mothers'"? just grow up, already.

independent online: british law says, 'sex determined at birth, not by operation.'

smartpros: marketing in a time-scarce world. "the average internet surfer "sees" 950 banner ads per day - the clickthrough rate is less than .025 percent." i can only imagine how many i view. wearing my rods and cones out on ads.

pagesix: martha stewart's minions are lining up to take her place. this, from a supposed 'innocent' bystander to insider trading?

yo, but that's annoying. popup banners that move around so you can't click them closed. first time i've hit one of those.

why not? stylish tattoos for men. how come you never see the old popeye 'anchor on the forearm'?

miami herald: indictment drops crop-duster mention. moussaoui.

black world today: expanding homeownership for low-income and minority families. more needs to be done. real estate is a great investment.

cnet news.com: holy crow. adobe, macromedia to skip macworld. that can't be good.

securityfocus: filtering email with postfix and procmail.

slate: king george - the role of stephanopoulos in our constitutional system. actually, read this article for comments on 'honest bias.' i would say, many in america don't realize fox news has an 'honest right wing bias.' they take news at face value, believe it to be completely unbiased and authoritative. that's what most people believe [naive?] journalism to represent. should we accept bias? only if clearly labelled.

unixreview.com: review of visual slickedit 7. for $299, it better be damned good.

dp review: fujifilm s2 pro drops in price.

hey, the heritage foundation talks global warming. what fun. a joke, right? well ...

public lettering.

cnet: study: open and closed software are both equally 'secure.'

if you're in new york, check out "a new york bouquet of gauguin."

wired: melungeon secret solved, sort of. "a small population from appalachia may be linked to an ancient tribe in india, according to a long-awaited dna study." i'm really looking forward to tracing dna roots in the coming years.

msnbc: rocketeers hope to make history. first amateur rocket to reach space?

chronicle of higher ed: the political intolerance of academic feminism.

the new republic: does poverty cause terrorism?

nando times: "i ... am the disc ... of constant profits."

times of india: bush concerned over leaks of n.s.a. data. aw, we want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

ny times op-ed: fear of all sums. once again, privatization is just another republican attempt to murder social security. it's that 'social' tag ... almost as bad as calling it 'communal security.' doesn't it just *smell* red?

new york times letters to the editor: s.u.v. ... that's 's' for status, 'v' for vanity. there is another factor, i believe. if you're hauling little kids around, it's easier to shove a baby seat in an s.u.v. than a compact sedan. there's no reason automakers could not make a taller form factor with a four-banger engine.

new york times letters to the editor: andrew card, in print. scurrilous! them's fightin' words!

santa fe new mexican: university of new mexico professor's arguments and research convinced the supreme court to ban the execution of the mentally retarded.

reuters: u.s. may merge food safety into homeland security. for some reason, the words "ridge biscuits" popped into my head. guess i'm having one of those ambiguous right/left brain days ...

cnn: health concerns blossoming for voters.

happy summer, folks. guess what? we had some rain last evening, and last night! feels like we had a shot of morphine ... we're not in our death throes anymore. at least, for a day or two. forecast says we might get more, over this solstice weekend. thanks to everyone who did a rain dance ...

good morning, internet. how are you feeling? oh, so sorry. congested? would a little wd-40 help? no? oh. well, have a good day ...