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tue 25 jun 02

plato, lysis. what is friendship?

ananova: neanderthals weren't vegans.

hey! we got a brief thunderstorm this afternoon. cleared the air for about an hour (well, mostly). smoke's pouring back in again. well, it was enough to cool off the house. good sleeping tonight.

cnn: i haven't seen a photo of tatum o'neill in a coon's age.

new scientist: aspirin may reduce lung-cancer risk. but that's not a license to light up ...

cnn: probing the universe from jackrabbit country. the vla down by socorro. 'course, they don't mention the fires burning down that way ... wonder how they work, lightly toasted?

pravda: quite interesting. "u.s. torture of john walker lindh exposed as frame-up continues." "... lindh’s journey to afghanistan was part of a phenomenon which "dates back to the 1980s, when afghan and foreign mujahideen, funded in large part by the untied states" fought against soviet troops." i left the spelling as-is, for your enjoyment.

the classic typewriter page, via metafilter. aw, this is great. when i was in grade school/high school, i used to type on an old royal, and a remington i don't see here. it had a huge 'head' section, very top-heavy. great typewriter, for all the ribbon had to be rejuvenated every time i used it. it's one of the reasons i type fast; i learned on these, then began working a teletype in 1982. strong finger muscles. i miss the old-style keyboards with springs and deep-throw; i could *fly* back then. these modern 'chiclet' keyboards slow me down.

bandwidth. the problem today is bandwidth. i've got two dialups, and i've got three ftp jobs backed up on each. can't really weblog while giving my flow to clients ... but i felt the need to whine a little.

zope.org: zope external editor.

billsaysthis waxes enthusiastic about the new springsteen album ... and previews a track.

pravda: new york city seeks one-third of america's security budget. and, just for old time's sake, here's our buddy zhirinovsky.

pr web: ranch rescue forms a new chapter in new mexico. "ranch rescue members volunteer to assist rural border county landowners in dealing with the massive crime wave pouring over our southern border." the u.s./mexico border ain't your media-storybook happy-happy joy-joy place.

this farmer takes his corn direct to the internet.

pr web: so, you thought the missile theory about twa flight 800 was dead? think again. "eight attachments, including an fbi report formerly classified as "secret," an fbi radar analysis contradicting the ntsb's official crash sequence, and official eyewitness drawings of an apparent missile engagement follow the petition."

washington post: karl rove, adding to his 'to do' list.

webmasterbase: designing without tables, part two. clever illustrations may help beginners grok the concepts.

linux journal: multi-page html -> pdf or ps.

scientific american: human demand exceeds earth's sustainable supply. "... people have been taking more from the planet than it can consistently restock, and have cumulatively produced so much waste that complete reassimilation is impossible."

telegraph.uk: new mexican bison genes hold the key to foot-and-mouth cure.

guardian.uk: triumph of the genetic revolution. a "reassuring" book ... i'll have to check it out.

times online.uk: save us from 80's rock, regurgitated as musicals.

la times: net radio owes $260 bucks per listener?

guardian.uk: al-qaeda plot to blow up bologna church fresco.

times of india: john travolta flying a boeing 707 around the world.

ny times letters to the editor: american cynicism. "to oversimplify the causes of our present-day suspicions is to ensure that we will not know what is necessary to alleviate them."

ny times letters to the editor: of geese and men. grape-flavored grass, low hedges, and border collies.

ny times: the new roller-coasters can cause brain trauma. one crash helmet and neck roll, please ...

ny times: wal-mart, sweat shop? overseas corporate behavior bleeding into america?

reuters: tony curtis rejoins "some like it hot" onstage.

o'reilly: john udell, blogspace under the microscope. the advantages of automatic backlinking.

forecast? smoke and heat. i pulled out the 'swamp cooler' last night, with the idea that it would filter out some of the schmutz, and cool things down. [for those of you who don't know what a swamp cooler is, basically it's a fan with a hunk of open-cell foam and a water pump. water runs from top to bottom through the foam, while the fan pulls air through horizontally ... using evaporative cooling to reduce air temperature. works best in dry climates.] it seems to have worked, at least for the bedroom. i'll need to change the filter, however ... persistent smell reminiscent of soggy diapers ...