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wed 26 jun 02

moveable type 2.2 is out.

bill got to the star trek: nemesis trailer before i did ...

doing some section 508 programming; this might come in handy ... the free wemedia speaking browser.

got to see the jemez mountains, if only for a few minutes as the sun went down tonight:

june 26, a break in the smoke shows the jemez mountains at sunset.

ananova: japan set to test new supersonic jet.

ananova: piranha in slovakian rivers? that bites.

reuters: martha stewart living omnimedia continues its downward spiral.

aw, madorangefools has a brilliant solution for a hot bed.

i don't know what the hell it is, but it's fun. i assume a 5k entry ... found in my referrer logs. makes weblogging sound more dramatic than it is!

cnn: pledge of allegience ruled unconstitutional. thx paradox1x.

this site might come in handy for you mac-heads. i think i'm having a compatibility problem with carbonlib 1.6. they don't have 1.5, but they've got 1.4 ... thank goodness. a couple dozen system files of various vintages.

lakefx does a little exploring into the term 'world war', with interesting results.

booknotes has posted today. the hoover links reminded me of hoovervilles (shantytowns), hoover blankets (newspapers), hoover hogs (armadillos/rabbits), hoover flags (empty pockets turned inside out). thank god for roosevelt.

i meant to point yesterday to davos newbies, where an interesting discussion took place about 'sweatshops' and corporations.

php beginner: the power of three: php, xml and xslt. part one, two, three.

advogato: upgrade ssh and apache.

zdnet: apple's flat panel imacs gathering dust on store shelves.

zdnet: do you bring your gadgets on vacation? guilty as charged. that's why i like backpacking ... each gadget carried directly translates into pain, therefore gets left behind. resulting in a happier, more carefree time off.

this sounds pretty good.

freshmeat: portable open ssh [linux], maki [xml/python].

new scientist: el niño's coming.

the dasher project. "dasher is an information-efficient text-entry interface, driven by natural continuous pointing gestures."

msnbc: so whatever happened to linux? "... microsoft’s windows operating system still rules — with some 94 percent of the operating system market for desktops and laptop p.c.'s ..."

the register: ms to eradicate gpl, hence linux. "palladium is a means of infesting the commons with hostile digital fauna."

washington post: the dem's theme for the fall seems to be 'ending corporate greed and abuse.' given the clinton's failure with the national health care initiative, one can't help but view this as a smart choice.

i get such a kick out of the pravda translations. "our always-sad minister ..."

pravda: the russian mafia is perpetrating computer crimes in american colleges?

pravda: the kursk mystery is never to be unveiled.

scientific american: studies suggest antioxidants may protect against alzheimer's.

sounds to me like the mac vs. windows feud is pure racism. too bad we still practice the discipline.

philly.com: a brisk, incisive survey of ignorance. "racism 'exists when one ethnic group or historical collectivity dominates, excludes, or seeks to eliminate another on the basis of differences that it believes are hereditary and unalterable.'"

chronicle of higher education: university presses must stress ideas, not marketing. unfortunately, as i've related before, many are 'hiring out' editing talent, proofreaders. editing scholarly texts requires an adept in that same discipline, really. i believe the quality has gone down significantly in the last seven years, and i find that a damned shame. university presses are one of america's great resources of scholarship.

discovery: world's oldest intact tomb found in egypt. 4,600 years. on the one hand, i get the thrill of excitement that everyone else does, but on the other, chagrin for a peaceful 'eternal' slumber forever disturbed.

cnn: pavarotti to retire. it's better to burn out, than fade away. the man was amazing, during his prime. so sad that the media is diminishing him at the end. of course, once he's kicked, they'll glorify him again.

ny times op-ed: the view from tehran. i can't help it; i have a soft spot for the ancestors of the persians. it is a country i'd like to be able to visit safely some day.

ny times editorial: don't just say no. kids have to know what it is, in all it's myriad forms, before they can judge the risks of promiscuous behavior.

ny times letters to the editor: in defense of s.u.v.'s. hoo boy. "the fuel cost is borne entirely by me, and though this makes the united states more dependent on foreign oil, it is also the most powerful method of introducing capitalism and democracy into corrupt oil-producing nations." anyone want to place bets this individual's a republican?

ny times: a 'dirty bomb' could be made in any country. and probably brought in over the mexican border, too. anyone remember that world war two era watches used radium as the glowing compound to mark the faces? they set a geiger counter going pretty well, even 60 years on ...

santa fe new mexican: pickup truck hits tourist in the santa fe plaza. personally, i think they ought to make the roads dirt again, and close off the immediate area around the plaza. more 'authentic' that way. but i guess the shops would go broke from mopping up dust several times a day ...

santa fe new mexican: arizona smoke hazes new mexican skies. many of us are walking around just a little tipsy, dizzy from inhaled smoke. it's been a long time since we've seen a good cobalt-blue sky ...

santa fe new mexican: the salvation army warehouse burned down. i disagree; i will wager a cigarette in the clothes started it. but i'm no fire expert.

reuters: baby injury points to the danger of kids watching tv. i reported on a similar incident, something like a year ago, here ... only fatal. i'll say the same thing now i said then: with no other input, a young child will believe what they see. you don't grin and bear bullet wounds, nor do you walk away from having chairs broken over your head.

reuters: worldcom's "cooked books" sends wall street off the deep end. the tech bubble burst, sept. 11, and now this ... can you still honestly say you want private retirement accounts for social security?

ny times: i've warned about this before, arsenic in treated woods for decks ... "the poison is arsenic, the suspect is wood." use a recycled product like trex instead.

a wee bit less smokey this morning ... but the heat's kicking in early. it's getting towards july now ... where are our afternoon thunderstorms?