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thu 27 jun 02

so, does it work, papascott?

pbs online newshour: money and ethics, transcript. "i think the anger is going to come from people who thought they had paid for their retirement!"

ananova: a 'modest' amount of g.m. material found in nearby crops.

reuters: the who's bassist, john entwistle, is dead at 57.

icab 2.8.1 is out, but it still won't render this site's css properly.

gotta love spam sometimes. some spambot says, "garret! are your breasts firm?" i wish i could engage the spambot like the old 'eliza' programs. oh, the conversations i'd have ...

print magazine, in the june issue, has an article entitled "the day of the typo blogs." i didn't have a chance to read my copy until today ...

economist.com: the blazing days. just a small article, but this one comment caught my eye: "... america's problem-solving approach to life is also a culprit."

eurekalert: noah's flood hypothesis may not hold water.

eurekalert: historic u.s./peru debt-for-nature swap.

eurosport: teams for the tour de france.

freshmeat: spyce 1.1.8. "... a drop-in apache plugin that supports simple and efficient python-based dynamic html scripting."

zdnet: windows media player security hole called severe. there's always sonique or winamp. i haven't been able to find that uber-cool bang & olufsen player in a while ...

unisci: surprise! young stellar clusters found in old galaxy. that's bound to be a big shake-up.

linux online: a review of the major browsers for linux.

linux today: yellow dog linux 2.3 ships.

usa today: seat of power, congressional spouses get board seats.

pravda: chernobyl echoes again, this time in great britan. "... infant mortality rate increased by 200 children within 36 months since the passing of the radioactive cloud. at the same time, the number of registered defects, including downs syndrome, increased by 600 children within the same period."

economist.com: compare below with 'an economy singed.'

pravda: is worldcom's bankruptcy america's moral cancer? "however, the optimism of the u.s. federal reserve looks rather strange against this background; the federal reserve says that the country's economy has a stable tendecy of growth, even despite the recent scandals involving the u.s.ís largest companies. most likely, the u.s. federal reserve knows something important, of which even the president is ignorant. the president still calls upon foreign investors to invest in american companies."

php beginner: php as a command line interpreter.

the american prospect: state of the debate: the historical present. "conservative foundations are not paying it to create a thoughtful community of the mind."

salon: the battle for indie radio.

santa fe new mexican: the tourist woman struck by a truck in the santa fe plaza, has died of her injuries.

times of india: bush wants japan to write off jordanian debt. what's the tit for tat?

times of india: mossad warns nato of nuclear threat from iran, iraq, libya and syria.

ny times editorial: "one nation under god." "... the sort of rigid overreaction that characterized it will not make genuine defense of the first amendment any easier."

ny times letters to the editor: destroy sweatshops? no. compare and contrast with the davos newbies discussion.

ny times opinion: in defense of martha.

ny times: the gunfire is past, but not the echoes. an anti-white hate crime.

ny times: study finds church schools racially segregated.

ny times analysis: a hand over the nose, a hand still in stocks. real estate. buy real estate. esp. if you're young.

ny times: away from the tv cameras, fire consumes apache land. the media focuses narrowly, that's for sure.

ny times: ain't that a cute picture, bush and pootie-poot? far cry from the stiff 'two most powerful men in the world' photo ops of the past. looks like the 'good ole boys' club.

ny times: the latest corporate scandal is stunning, vast, and simple. let's hope penalization, incarceration and reparations are just as stunning, vast, and simple.

santa fe new mexican: fire crews hit blaze near santa fe watershed. uh-oh. not good. not good.

reuters: couric vs. coulter. what a pair.

reuters: noaa says there's no end in sight to the western drought.

reuters: gdp running at its fastest pace in more than two years.

cnn: supreme court affirms school vouchers. the new york times on the same subject.

ah, summer mornings. i've got a big, fat scaled quail [callipepla squamata] on the courtyard wall, calling out his territory ... "chuck, chuck, chuck." complete with top-knot on his head.

winds of change is featuring linkage on grids, energy ... and even features a guest columnist on energy storage.

ah grasshopper, don't you remember the story of how 'zhao wen quit the zither'? he realized that in playing one sound, he was neglecting all other sounds ... (grin) ...