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fri 28 jun 02

there's a new fire, almost directly east of me. a skycrane helicopter is flying back and forth, dropping water. forecast for higher winds, possible storms. and this, on the first significantly clearer day we've had in weeks.

and, just fyi, directnic is my domain registrar of choice. i liked the simplicity of the management interface; how their service will perform long term, we'll see. once again, thanks to everyone who sent suggestions. it's SO much easier to edit nameservers now, i can't tell you.

as many people have let me know, the bang & olufsen beoplayer is here. thanks, folks.

i think that's all i'm going to be able to post for the moment. back later.

the star: silver sunscreen. "it's the antidote to blockbuster fatigue, a mix of the familiar and the esoteric, and it attracts newcomers and arthouse devotees alike."

nando times: cell phones the latest concert accessory.

times of india: salman rushdie says, "fanaticism is evil."

ah, the entire new york times editorial page is worth a look-see.

if i was in new york city, i'd be here on sunday.

ny times: in the animal kingdom, a new look at female beauty. great beauty = robust health? a good 'layer'? i'm in trouble now ...

the new york times celebrates wildwood, n.j.

ny times: scientists find ancient rain forest. near denver. "how a rainforest grew at the site remains unclear." thanks to the fires around here, i can tell them: particulate matter in the air encourages the formation of clouds, storms and rain. get enough junk in the air, and even the desert will turn steamy. just my theory, you understand.

ny times: publishers file suit to stop pop-up ads. hey, thought of a new term for it ... not "piggy-backing," but "piggy-branding".

ny times: the republicans in the house raised the debt ceiling. all those years of 'fiscal responsibility' talk.

ny times: salon down to last 1.5 mill.

ny times: the battleground shifts. school vouchers. i'd like to read the text of the decision, to see how they phrased the possible church/state issue.

ny times: parties maneuver over risks in growing business scandal. republicans are going to have a difficult time sloughing this one off, remember "the market is rational, and the government is dumb"? dick armey, ladies and germs. you've heard the shtick over and over since the reagan years, redoubled during the 'contract with america.'

santa fe new mexican: excavation crew clears wrong land for school. they didn't just miss it by a little ... they missed by a mile ...

santa fe new mexican: new mexico critically low on blood supplies.

reuters: oh, for heaven's sake. "the bellringer of notre dame."

i'm freaking out with work today ... and it's not even nine yet.