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sat 29 jun 02

i think i need to subscribe to the economist. i keep finding more good stuff over there, more and more often hidden behind the 'premium' subscription service.

pravda: an open letter to president bush. after reading this, i was curious. what the hell was this guy talking about? here's some more info on the u.s.s. liberty. if i ever read about this piece of history, i've forgotten it.

phpdeveloper.com: design sources, newbie tricks, etc.

sci am: study shows how far gm pollen spreads. sort of a repeat from the other day, but different conclusions stated. "still, the studies also reveal that, although the levels of gene flow were low, the spreading of the altered genes to non-GM plants is impossible to prevent, which could pose problems for organic crops." my italics.

nj.com: malaria makes a comeback.

cnet: new apache worm starts to spread.

dadabik, a php/database interface creator.

xmlhack: sablotron 0.95 announced. "... covers the remaining missing features of xslt 1.0 and brings important improvements such as dom level 2 and multiple output documents."

new york times editorial: the politics of embarrassment. say good bye to the 'balanced budget,' for the foreseeable future. fasten your seatbelts; it's going to be an interesting autumn.

ny times letters to the editor: after the voucher ruling, the debate rages. some interesting points raised here.

ny times letters to the editor: what are the standards for striking first? i agree with the first letter; a 'pre-emptive strike' is a declaration of war, and should be treated with all due governmental procedure.

ny times: acrylamides in starchy foods continues to trouble scientists.

ny times books: 'masters of death', a look at the einsatzgruppen. "violent socialization." i can't help wondering what would have happened if these young men had played 'doom' for their entire childhood.

ny times: in texas, only selected portions of history are worth teaching. "... conservative groups have become adept at blocking books by arguing that political bias and the omission of certain facts constitute 'factual inaccuracy.'"

ny times: sign of the times ... new york city is installing radiation detectors. a relatively low-cost prevention step, imho.

ny times slide show: the apache in arizona took the unprecedented step of allowing their rain dance to be photographed. these are just some stills, but we got to see more on local news last night here in new mexico.

ny times: the idea of fighting fire with fire wins converts. i wish we could put thinning and clearing back on the table, i really do.

reuters: extroverts aren't always good employees.

they sent one last chopper over to hit that fire. looks to be out? i hope so.