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sun 30 jun 02

can't get no gription on weblogging today. having too much fun doing other things. tomorrow.

wasn't pearl harbor a pre-emptive strike? just sending the idea up the flagpole ...

ny times letters to the editor: pre-emptive strikes.

ny times editorial: scorched earth politics. in reference to fire policies.

ny times: nuclear stockpiling. if you're this conflicted, move.

ny times: perhaps looking ahead, gore reflects with regret.

ny times week in review: how to rig a democracy.

cnn: the end of the 'california zephyr'? i was lucky enough to ride the 'southern crescent' before amtrak swallowed up all the regionals, in the 70's. could have had bread pudding for dessert ... now, you don't see that on many trains these days.

cnn: rosemary clooney is dead. didn't know she was present at the robert kennedy assassination.

well, our normal 'monsoon' season is supposed to be starting right about now. pray for rain. dance for rain.