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wed 03 jul 02

i'll be going dark for the next four days; my grandmother is swiftly declining in what doctors say is the last chapter of her life. i'd like to hash over some of the old stories, and say goodbye before the final page is turned. i may be able to post, but it won't be a priority. back in full force on monday, barring the usual circumstances [terrorist actions, acts of god, etc.].

time to fess up. normally i update my hardware like a seesaw; apple first, windows next. well, i've gone out of order this time. i'm keeping my accelerated 8500 chugging along in os 9 for now, and working more and more on my just-purchased athlon system, with xp. it would have taken at least $2500 for me to get a mac system that would have been comparable to the xp box i purchased for $800 [both sans monitor]. speed vs. cash; it'll get you every time [i have comparable programs on each platform, but alas, all my fonts are mac]. the current crop of macs are huge investments for a small studio like myself. all of a sudden, on a nice fat 19" samsung 955df, i'm working faster, and better in homesite than bbedit on my mac system. i'm sure i'll find some things i miss, but for now, i'm cruising through work. [not all is wine and roses; the validator drives me to drink.] now to figure out the lowest-cost method for getting photoshop or something similar on the athlon box [picture publisher? paint shop pro? elements?]. then maybe i could leave the mac chugging on form•z work. it amazes me that for the first time in years, my mac is sitting unused for a day at a time ... and i don't miss it. consider it deprecated for the moment. my increase in productivity will help pay for a new mac, right? boy, apple's gonna hate me if they read this ...

i'll spare alwin the ulcer and not link any pravda or ananova health articles.

reuters: new compound shows promise against wrinkles.

cnn: crack found on third space shuttle! meth and ecstasy too, perchance? it's a double-post, but i couldn't resist punning the title.

based on some email requests, i've put the kenosis piece over in soliloquy.

nature: existing climate models not complex enough.

environmental news: beach water quality available online. find out if you'll be swimming with t.p. this year.

ny times: looking anew at the value of a corporate pedigree. "the market is rational, and the government is dumb." recast for the 00's: accountants are slick, and the s.e.c. turns a blind eye? waiting for accountants to become scapegoats, rather than the precious c.e.o.'s.

nj.com: cracks in the fuel pipe for a third space shuttle.

fastcm, fast content management, looks kinda interesting.

carlsbad caverns ... still cool. and don't miss the bats.

cnet: net radio raises pirate flag.

edevcafe: javascript and xml in ie5, part three. from a site i haven't come across before. worthy of some digging.

sentence diagramming. this would have been easier than my eight years of latin. probably also handy for learning new languages? passive pluperfect ... via mefi.

chronicle of higher ed: are girls really as mean as books say they are?

spark-online: the invisible interior of artistic humanity.

nando times: jazz bassist ray brown dies.

times of india: u.s. launches tracking system for foreign students.

btw, local radio stations [albuquerque] have been freaking out over the alleged july 4 terror threats. heard some interviews where people have called off weddings, vacations, etc. from 'net news, i don't get quite that flavor of panic. of course, i'm sure i would be taking this much differently if i lived in, say, new york city or washington ...

ny times fluff: dowd, aloft on bozoloft. pills for political ills: ashcroxx, hallibutrin ...

ny times letters to the editor: the textbook in texas. "parents in texas may soon be forced to use vouchers to send their children to schools where they can read uncensored texts."

ny times editorial: the court's troubling term. by continual 5/4 decisions, we are being pushed right.

ny times: two republicans join the ranks of s.e.c. critics.

santa fe new mexican: jury says fatal shooting was justified.

reuters: air collision warning system was off. atc is a hell of a job. ever see that old game, air traffic controller, on the monochrome macs? gave me ulcers just playing it ...

cnn: "i want to focus on my salad, because that's why we're here." the new york times has some martha-commentary, too, along with a couple of letters to the editor.

more smoke this morning. mountains obscured again.