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mon 08 jul 02

red hot poker, with raindrops:

the plants are happy.

"better to die, and sleep
the never-waking sleep, than linger on
and dare to live when the soul's life is gone."
- sophocles, ajax.

1:13 p.m., i give thanks, for the rain barrel(s) overfloweth:

got my wish.

wish there was a way to capture this image to post [need a 16mm lens, prob]. there's a storm over the sangres to the north, of which a thick arm is reaching out to the south over the house. i'm in full sun, with black clouds boiling overhead. native chanting begins: rain. rain. rain. rain ... rain. rain. rain. rain ...

economist: july 4, the backlash against business.

redesign at methyl.

ny times op-ed: from justice scalia, a chilling vision of religion's authority in america. analysis of the man's statements and writings.

ny times op-ed: safire's needle slipped the groove again. "wilsonian vision of peace?" what a strange analysis. bush isn't the least bit wilsonian, that i can tell, except for maybe a bow of the head to the reduction in civil liberties, in re: the espionage and sedition acts ... foul pieces of legislation, though i'm sure the congress of the period bears equal responsibility.

ny times: impressionist visits near paris.

santa fe new mexican: energy for the future. going off the grid in new mexico.

reuters: ebay buys paypal. i just hope my bank information doesn't end up getting auctioned off in the transition (grin) ...

now i have to catch up on email and work, so today will be 'short linked.'

driving down to austin, i go south down 285 to fort stockton, the east on i-10 to junction, then 290 all the way in. from santa fe down to roswell, all was burned brown by drought on the 4th, as i drove. on the way back, it was spring green, from some pounding rainstorms they had received. now that i've returned, my rain barrels are as empty as they were when i left, though the air smells fresh and much of the smoke has cleared. so i guess my area got some brief showers, but not anything of significance. i can see the sandias and jemez mountains again. if we get enough rain in the mountains, maybe they'll open the forests soon. i certainly hope so.

greeted by a couple of messages about the 'kenosis' piece, in which a couple of readers completely missed the point of the text. nitpicking over the details avoids answering the essential question.

my grandmother is fading away, so far, gently. in my two direct experiences with end-of-life situations, i continue to be surprised. i always feel like i'm in the presence of a powerful sacred event. her short-term memory has gone away ... but her long term memory has brightened, sharpened focus, to the point that she remembers things with a "you-are-there" clarity, with almost the quality of time-travel. lucid dreaming of beloved situations. i'm sure there are clinical diagnoses of the circumstance, but i'd prefer to remain ignorant of the technical descriptions. it was a beautiful thing to hear about, and greatly comforting. 'saying goodbye' is always portrayed with violins and melodrama, but when it comes right down to it, there is no way you can express everything you want to express, no way to capture a lifetime of emotions, respect, gratitude, love in a few minutes, a day, a week. a few choked phrases, a lot of tears. and if i type any more about it, i'll be bawling my eyes out ...

back in santa fe. thanks to everyone who sent messages of support and care. it does help.